Thursday, January 17, 2008

the city of light

PICTURES FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: what we see when we leave the apartment!!; rushing thru paris traffic heading to apartment; on the plane, just waking up; the street the apartment is on; under the "welcome to paris" sign in the airport; rushing in paris traffic. (i'm new to putting pics in, so bare with me!)
OMG!! i can't believe that i am IN paris. i am blogging in our fabulous apartmant rental just steps, literally (!), from the eiffel tower!! the niegborhood is just beautiful.

so here's how it went down, so far....

we left teh bay area arouond 6:30am, with a layover in atlanta to hand ladybug off to juan's sister at the security gate, then we turned around and headed to the international terminal. we had a leisurely dinner since we had just under 3 hours to kill. were the first to the gate, so we thougt. turned out that they had changed the gate, and us two dumb dumb's didn't bother to check the status board!! so juan went to see what was up, and just as he did that,we heard them calling the final boarding call for our flight!! we hauled a** about 12 gates with me in my wheelchair!! we just made it. but, we flew first class, so that made it a bit easier, lol!

the flight was very eneventful, and quick! we had a delay in atlanta once we got on the plane due to snow. we picked up our luggage, caught a taxi, and came on in to our "home" while in paris. and it really is nice, we didnt expect this.

after dropping off the luggage, we headed right out to check out our nieghborhood. i can not believe how close the eiffel tower is to our place! we walked/wheeled (in my trusty wheelcair!) around the eiffel tower, then headed our for groceries. then came on back to the apartment.

so we've just finished our "first" meal in france - ham and cheese sandwiches we made on a french baguette. that was the beast ham an dcheese i've ever had!! heavenly!

will post pic's later, i must take a nap!!

be well :)


Lovebabz said...

Yep, I am posting on each Paris post! I am so thrilled that you captured all your trip so beautifully.

Princess TinyButt said...

thank you so much my friend. i am so glad to hear from you, and am glad that you are enjoying my pic's. i have more taht i will post hopefully tonight.. i'm pooped, and alot has been going on since we got back.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are wonderful just like the both of you. Thanks for sharing! Pleshetta

Princess TinyButt said...

aww, thanks for stopping by pleshetta! be well!