Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Catchup Time !

Hey, hey, hey!! Oh man have I had so much going on in my life recently! So many things on my plate, that I haven’t known whether to wind my butt or scratch my watch! WHEW!!! But things have finally quieted down a bit, or as much as they can with the holidays on the way. Well, let’s get you all caught up, or as much as I can in just this post. 

The hubby and ladybug are doing well. She’s growing like a weed, literally. We’re currently in the throws of high school applications, entrance exams, and test prepping. Oh the decisions we must make on her behalf has been a bit overwhelming for me. It’s critical that we find the right place for her, well, that goes without saying, right? But why ‘critical’? Because I’ve finally gotten her ‘issues’ figured out. She has Central Auditory and Visual Processing, and Executive Functioning disorders. Two different disorders, not classified as actual learning differences, but definitely significant challenges. And it’s been a struggle and a journey that we’re still on; yes we’ve figured out the what, but we’re now trying to figure out the how in order to help her. I’ll get more into that later.
As for my health… it’s been a great near two years of no big issues! Yes, I’ve have a few minor hiccups, but things had been going well till the summer. I was hospitalized in July because I ‘failed’ my high level blood thinner, which I should not have done because of the nature of the medication. This resulted in my blood clotting severely. It was rather dramatic actually, ladybug had to call 911 for the first time and it scared the shit out of her; she struggled to actually dial the number. I had to talk her through it – I took her in my arms and reminded her that she’s seen and been through much worse, so dialing three little numbers where’s there’s help on the other end is something she can absolutely do! And she did! She pulled herself together and completed the call better than we had practiced time and time before! I am so proud of her!! There’s a lot of health related stuff going on, so I’ll post a health update next week.

It’s been busy in my work life too! As you know I’m a certified life coach and for the last several years I’ve only been dealing with clients one on one. I used to do workshops and seminars, or be invited to speak, participate in panel discussions, or be the keynote, and it’s been a long while since I’d done any workshops or seminars. I began having issues around my own confidence, mainly due to my health/neurological issues. Well, I recently held my own, my very own Life Skills Workshop recently, and although it was harder than I thought it would be, seeing as I’d done this more than dozens of times before, I got through it better than I thought I would! And I’m continuing on scheduling more next year… I’ll keep you posted! 

Well, I don’t want this post to go too long, so there’s a quick and recent snapshot of what’s been going on. Stay tuned.

Be well

Friday, October 3, 2014

We're The Bomb.Com!

Today is my wedding anniversary and I’m going to
let you in on some of my random thoughts and feelings about him, about us, and
just some of how he is…

Wedding on the beach at sunset in Ocho Rios

So where do I start? That first, I am in love with my husband. I love him. I truly do. And it has nothing to do with the familiarity sometimes sets in over the years. He’s the strong silent type - physically, emotionally, and character and that’s so sexy to
me. And I know he loves me, adores me without question. All of me. COMPLETELY. I
don't have to hide who I am or dim my own light. He kisses my boo-boos. He believes… no, he knows I can do anything. He thinks I’m pretty damn hot. I think he is FOINE. We flirt with each other…. A LOT.
I am his queen and he is my king. He is my biggest fan and loudest cheerleader. My personal bodyguard and protector. I don’t ever have to worry. He knows that I
trust him to lead our family because he knows I have his back in the most fiercest of ways. We trust each other with our lives.

Musee D'Orsay Paris 2008

I love it when he sees me struggling to make it
up the stairs. He comes behind me and whisks me up in his arms, quietly,
gently. Yes, he’s sexy to me, still after 23 years. And I am to him. Don’t get me started about the lovemaking…. Yeah, still. Even after 23 years. “Dayum!”‘Nuff

I love the way he looks at me when he thinks I
don’t see him.
I love how hard he works for us. Though not the best communicator, he’s tender and loving. He
loves our daughter in the way a dad should - active, engaged, and concerned. He combs her hair almost better than I can, and I love the way he looks at and
watches her. He loves to laugh, sometimes too much, and always looks for the bright side no matter how pitch black it actually is. I love that he tempers me
like chocolate and helps me get and stay balanced, sometimes with just a glance my way. A patient student, he allows me my mistakes while I figure out how to show him how to love me. He really does listen, even though he ignores most of what I say. He does not suffers fools, believes in femininity yet loves a strong woman. Has no problem donning an apron or hand washing my bras.

In first class on an Air France flight 2011

I love it when he works in the yard, or on the cars. I love his arms. His shoulders. His legs. I love cuttin his hair with clippers or shaving him with a straight razor and cream. I love his 3 o'clock shadow. I love when he gets in
someone’s ass for being disrespectful. That bass in his voice.... yes.

We’ve been through it these last several years with my health. I mean things that would rip most marriages apart, but yet we are only stronger; we love and
appreciate each other more and more. He can be amazing. 

Again, he is not perfect. I am not perfect. However, we are truly perfect together (most of the time, lol!!).  

Happy Anniversary to US!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

More Truth Talk

OHHH.....MY....GOWWD!! I am so over people, some are clients, but particularly so called 'friends' and other people I know who like considering me their friend so they can call me for 'help', then won't/don't take it and/or want to argue with me as to why they're right or justified.  YOU called ME. You only seem to call me when u want or need something, then you actually expect me to perform Johnny on the spot because it's URGENT, or YOU are up against a deadline. REALLY?

Oh, don't get it twisted, I DO say NO, and to most, so now I’m down to just a few 'usual suspects', and I’m seeing now that it's just not worth it. It’s a one way street. Oh sure, "you're the best life/career/love/financial coach ev-uhh". But that's all I get really (well, and a thank u from some). No referrals. No "is this a good time?", or “can I do anything for you?", or "do you need anything?" kind of consideration. Oh sure, some give me the perfunctory "how are u?" or "what's new?"...you know, to make it look good. But don't let me think their call was a serious attempt at just conversation - they rush me on and quickly launch into why they really called.

I’ve had one too many calls today from people like this, always wanting to pick my brain. But I can't be mad at them, really, because it’s my fault. Yep. Because I’ve allowed my loyalty, compassion, and desire to help (“Captain Save-A-Client/friend/relative”… it runs in the family) cloud my judgment. But I see clearly now that just because they’re not obvious takers- intentionally taking advantage, or manipulative, or that I may be the only one they know who knows about what they need help with (this is a big one!), doesn’t mean they’re still not taking. And I’ve been allowing it.

So please, DON'T CALL ME TO HELP YOU FIGURE OUT or AGREE WITH YOU ABOUT ANYTHING unless you're calling to see what YOU can do FOR ME (like send me PAYING REFERRALS), or discuss the merits of a great wine/beer, the use of cream and real butter, or the unctuousness of a good Marsala sauce.

Monday, February 3, 2014

More Reality

Hey Y’all. 

I’m realizing that I haven’t spoken to my mom since New Year’s Day and I’m starting to feel some kind of way about it. I’ve mentioned very little in the past about my family, Mommy Dearest issues particularly, fearing her wrath and mental manipulation if she somehow found out about me talking about her in such a public way, and if I talked about her too much in a not so flattering way, or not enough in a flattering way (she’s a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” kind of person). But as part of my preparation for 2014, I did a mental and emotional vomit here on my blog, where I shared just some of the emotional and psychological pain of my past, because I refused to bring all the crap that I’ve either not wanted to deal with, or was hiding from into the new year and on, going forward. The relationship I have with her, and my father to an extent, is the only area of my life that isn’t ‘together’, and I feel like a hypocrite most days. Honestly, it has kept me from blogging as much as I’d like, and some days from blogging all together.

With that said, Mommy Dearest had created an untenable situation for me and I continue to struggle with what do and how to handle it. How can I be candid about my own feelings and internal struggles and conflict here without going into detail? Without making her seem like a monster? Well, yes, she can be. Some would say she is. Monster or not, I struggle so with how to handle her. Some say I just need to cut her off completely. Some say I need to face her, tell her on no uncertain terms, just what she’s put me through, that she’s full of shit, and issue an ultimatum that she either get it together or I won’t be in her life. Well, what I have done is to either just deal with her or just avoid her, which is really what I’ve done most of the time. Other times I wouldn’t say a word when she’d begin her manipulations or victim playing. I’d just smile, be polite, and keep my mouth shut – like I was trained. Now there have been times, especially since I’ve been sick, when I would put the brakes on the madness, and it often got funky. But again, she’s a masterful manipulator and I am no match. So the fact that I haven’t spoken to my mother in just over a month now may very well be one of her little tests of love and adoration or just be her uniquely twisted form of petulance. 

Either way, I’m not dealing with it anymore. I’m no longer going to willingly compromise my own truth and personal integrity, silence my voice and jeopardize my health for the sake of continuing to have a twisted relationship with my mother.

At the beginning of the year I told myself that I wouldn’t be around her unless I could speak my truth, or hell, just tell the truth. But then I realized that if the truth didn’t match up to her reality at that moment, then she’d have a problem, no matter what, and back to the damned if you do (you know the rest). So here I am, feeling stuck around this situation, again. How do I end this? 

Be well