Thursday, February 20, 2014

More Truth Talk

OHHH.....MY....GOWWD!! I am so over people, some are clients, but particularly so called 'friends' and other people I know who like considering me their friend so they can call me for 'help', then won't/don't take it and/or want to argue with me as to why they're right or justified.  YOU called ME. You only seem to call me when u want or need something, then you actually expect me to perform Johnny on the spot because it's URGENT, or YOU are up against a deadline. REALLY?

Oh, don't get it twisted, I DO say NO, and to most, so now I’m down to just a few 'usual suspects', and I’m seeing now that it's just not worth it. It’s a one way street. Oh sure, "you're the best life/career/love/financial coach ev-uhh". But that's all I get really (well, and a thank u from some). No referrals. No "is this a good time?", or “can I do anything for you?", or "do you need anything?" kind of consideration. Oh sure, some give me the perfunctory "how are u?" or "what's new?" know, to make it look good. But don't let me think their call was a serious attempt at just conversation - they rush me on and quickly launch into why they really called.

I’ve had one too many calls today from people like this, always wanting to pick my brain. But I can't be mad at them, really, because it’s my fault. Yep. Because I’ve allowed my loyalty, compassion, and desire to help (“Captain Save-A-Client/friend/relative”… it runs in the family) cloud my judgment. But I see clearly now that just because they’re not obvious takers- intentionally taking advantage, or manipulative, or that I may be the only one they know who knows about what they need help with (this is a big one!), doesn’t mean they’re still not taking. And I’ve been allowing it.

So please, DON'T CALL ME TO HELP YOU FIGURE OUT or AGREE WITH YOU ABOUT ANYTHING unless you're calling to see what YOU can do FOR ME (like send me PAYING REFERRALS), or discuss the merits of a great wine/beer, the use of cream and real butter, or the unctuousness of a good Marsala sauce.


Anonymous said...

I have a real problem with the word "no". Hello! Some people don't even bat an eye asking me to do things for them...from a wheelchair, with 1.5 arms...really people!

angela said...

it's official Queen... i love u, lol!

i had a hard time with that little word myself. however, thru prayer came clarity and the strength, along with the example of my dear hubby (No is his FAVORITE word, lol!), i found the courage to use this word more often, and definitely when necessary!

as a certified life coach in real life, i had too, lol!!