Friday, February 20, 2015

The Lenten Season Is Upon Us

Ahh, Lent. A time of sacrifice, fasting, moderation, reflection... I love this time of year.

Being raised Catholic (my whole life), and Baptist concurrently, I grew up with a unique perspective and connection. As both a practicing Catholic and someone who also regularly attends a non-Catholic (Christian-Methodist-Episcopal Church) church and bible study, I still have it. For a while I didn't practice Lent at all. For a while I practiced out of obligation, duty, because it was what I was supposed to do. Each year I made my pretty standard list: eat less junk food, cut down on the TV/technology, etc... But one year, when Ladybug was in 3rd or 4th grade, it just changed for me. And the irony is that Lent was the reason why it changed. That year I decided to truly give it my all. To make it really about something meaningful, not just doctrine and dogma. I studied what it should really be about, how to use the time to develop and deepen my spiritual connections. And with each year, I got more and more from Lent.

Two years ago my spirit was so uneasy and disconnected. I was really looking for change, for renewal, for connection. My spirit was crying out for it. That time, I decided to not only focus on the connection through my sacrifices, the things I'd withhold, my "take-aways", but also on the what I could "add", or contribute to deepen my connection. Lent 2013 was amazing, and thus started our new family tradition of 3 things (or more) we give up as individuals and as a family, and 3 things (or more) we add as individuals and as a family.

For example, as a family we'd only watch TV on certain days/times, and an 'add' would be to end each evening in family prayer. An individual sacrifice would be to give up my cranberry juice, and an add would be to walk 3 times each week. Usually that Sunday through Fat Tuesday we would figure out what our adds and take-aways will be; sometimes I'll pick one or two for Ladybug if I'm not feeling her choices, but the bottom line we do it together as a family. However, I'm getting more push back this year; I think it has something to do with her turning 13 a couple months ago, lol!

Anyway, I have a lot going on, chewing on a few things... which always seems to be the case - I guess that's life, huh? At least I'm not chewing on the same things, lol! Well, some things have regurgitated (oooh, sorry for that analogy!), and seem to be multi-course meals (I know, I know... I just couldn't resist, lol!!). I feel so strongly, and I see so clearly that God has called me to some amazing things, and the Capricorn in me is struggling with it - the logistics and execution (as always, lol!). As with 2 years ago, my spirit is stirring, uneasy with all that lay ahead of me; with all that I want to accomplish; with all that I must deal with day to day; feeling like I need to figure at least some of it all out.

I had gotten my list all worked out, but some other things have come up this week that has me rethinking it. As much as I'd like to post it here now, I'll have to get back to you with it. Similar to 2013... I was a few days into Lent, and this new revelation hit me. Hmmm....  so, as usual, stay tuned!

Yes... I'm looking forward to this Lenten Season, praying that it will provide me with connection, clarity, revelation, and so much more. I'm excited.

Be well