Friday, January 30, 2015

Ended With a BANG!

Hey Hey Hey!

Well, yes, as usual, it's been a while! I promise you I don't mean to be away for such long stretches. And I've been beating myself up over this too, trying to figure out why, because I haven't been very ill, and even though I've been busy, I haven't been THAT busy, lol! I sit down at least 3 times each week to write about something interesting that happened, or thoughts I have that I'd like to share with you all or get your feedback on, and then I get overwhelmed because I fell I have to catch you up on all the happenings, or there's so much I want to share with you that panic sets in and I turn into a complete chicken! This makes me feel just awful because I know I have lots of wonderful followers who care and are concerned about me, and I'm so very thankful for that.

However, I did figure it out..... FACEBOOK!! Yes, I've been cheating on you all with FB; it has become my blogging mistress! And I'm not even on it that much, but it sucks up what little social media energy I have, lol! So there. I'm sorry. I am working on a shared custody plan.


That man of mine... AMAZING.
So, let's get down to business. I'm not going to bother with the whole catch up thing because other than funny ladybug stories and interesting anecdotes, there's not been much going on. let me tell you what beloved hubby did for me!!!!


The moment I hit the door everyone yelled "SURPRISE!!!
I'd been talking about throwing one for myself for years, and wanting to for even longer. Well, Dear Hubby got tired of hearing me whine and kvetch, and did it. And did it with a BANG!! Such class and elegance. As anal as I am, I really couldn't have done it better myself!

He'd been planning for TWO YEARS! The last nine months or so I'd began to worry and wonder what the heck was going on with him - he was 'here' but not. He felt disconnected from us as a family unit. Projects around the house began to fall by the wayside. He was grumpier than usual, lol! But I did know that something was up because every time I looked up, he had my cell phone. He would ask me questions that were out of character for him. I only became suspicious when he started asking me all sorts of questions about Face Book.... HE HATES FB!!!! lol!

Me and my Pops - He's always clean!
the loves of my life
Anyway, there's so many little details, funny things that happened along the way, that I just can't tell it all here AND give pics all in this one post. At one point, Juan's car broke down at my moms house, while he was there to collect old pictures of me for a tribute video he put together and he car broke down. Well, he couldn't call me to come get him, nor let the insurance for the tow! He had to have his car towed to my fathers office, where we just happened to have a client with an auto repair shop RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET!! And all the lying that took place from friends and family who know all along .... Oh, it was just comedy!

Me giving a great friend "The Eye" for covering up, LOL!

Juan filled the night with all sorts of wonderful touches and tributes that just had me on the floor all night. Honestly, my eyes are STILL swollen from all the crying! Then the icing on the cake is that Juan tracked down one of my most dearest friends from college, whom I'd lost contact with due to a crazy (ex thank God) husband. I never stopped thinking of her, praying for her, and her 2 amazing little boys. She really taught me the true meaning of friendship, unconditional love, courage, sisterhood, being true to yourself, strength, authenticity and so much more.

My beloved "Sis" who drove Xmas day FROM NEW YORK!

The bottom line is that, together with his amazing family - his mom, sister, sister-cousins and aunt - Juan pulled off an amazing party! Everyone that matters most to me was there, and those that wanted to be there but just couldn't make it (like my beloved Babz and Cap), were there in spirit. I am still in awe of all those who traveled (and were willing to travel) over the holidays, some in bad weather, some actually spent part of Christmas day driving hundreds of miles! I still can't believe my beloved brother and his wife actually got on a plane and traveled cross country for me! I felt so much love, there was so much love in that hotel ballroom, that I am still so very overwhelmed, flattered, feeling unworthy, and humbled. Most of all.... I AM THANKFUL.


Our dearest friends Jim and Crystal

I'll have more pics and stories of the party coming soon....

Be well