Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Catchup Time !

Hey, hey, hey!! Oh man have I had so much going on in my life recently! So many things on my plate, that I haven’t known whether to wind my butt or scratch my watch! WHEW!!! But things have finally quieted down a bit, or as much as they can with the holidays on the way. Well, let’s get you all caught up, or as much as I can in just this post. 

The hubby and ladybug are doing well. She’s growing like a weed, literally. We’re currently in the throws of high school applications, entrance exams, and test prepping. Oh the decisions we must make on her behalf has been a bit overwhelming for me. It’s critical that we find the right place for her, well, that goes without saying, right? But why ‘critical’? Because I’ve finally gotten her ‘issues’ figured out. She has Central Auditory and Visual Processing, and Executive Functioning disorders. Two different disorders, not classified as actual learning differences, but definitely significant challenges. And it’s been a struggle and a journey that we’re still on; yes we’ve figured out the what, but we’re now trying to figure out the how in order to help her. I’ll get more into that later.
As for my health… it’s been a great near two years of no big issues! Yes, I’ve have a few minor hiccups, but things had been going well till the summer. I was hospitalized in July because I ‘failed’ my high level blood thinner, which I should not have done because of the nature of the medication. This resulted in my blood clotting severely. It was rather dramatic actually, ladybug had to call 911 for the first time and it scared the shit out of her; she struggled to actually dial the number. I had to talk her through it – I took her in my arms and reminded her that she’s seen and been through much worse, so dialing three little numbers where’s there’s help on the other end is something she can absolutely do! And she did! She pulled herself together and completed the call better than we had practiced time and time before! I am so proud of her!! There’s a lot of health related stuff going on, so I’ll post a health update next week.

It’s been busy in my work life too! As you know I’m a certified life coach and for the last several years I’ve only been dealing with clients one on one. I used to do workshops and seminars, or be invited to speak, participate in panel discussions, or be the keynote, and it’s been a long while since I’d done any workshops or seminars. I began having issues around my own confidence, mainly due to my health/neurological issues. Well, I recently held my own, my very own Life Skills Workshop recently, and although it was harder than I thought it would be, seeing as I’d done this more than dozens of times before, I got through it better than I thought I would! And I’m continuing on scheduling more next year… I’ll keep you posted! 

Well, I don’t want this post to go too long, so there’s a quick and recent snapshot of what’s been going on. Stay tuned.

Be well


Anonymous said...

Great to "see" you

angela said...

hiya Queen! I'm so glad to be "seen", lol!! I've been awfully neglectful here, but that has changed as of yesterday!

Thanks for keeping up with me!

KayC, The Quiet Storm said...

Good to see you online again. High school? Wow!

angela said...

Well hey sister KC!! I'm happy to 'see' u as well! And thank u also for keeping up with me, I really do appreciate all the love! Hope ur well.