Sunday, February 28, 2010

health update

hey there,

ok, i'm starting to come out of my 'chemo funk'. yes, i'm back to it ... again. i've been having "disease activity and increased symptoms" in my brain so the doc's (my neuro and oncologist) want me to do this plasma and marrow transplant thing that i can't even pronounce - i swear i feel like they make stuff up just for me! i know part of it is something like 'pharesis'. my other doc's (pulmo, cardio, rheumie) wanted me to wait and have a few rounds of chemo first, mainly because they are concerned that the procedure will jeopardize the hard won stability of my heart and lungs. so the second gang of docs are of the 'wait and see' approach with chemo - additional drug to the cocktail and a larger dose - to see if these rounds will get my neuro stuff under control. if not, then that funky sounding plasma/marrow thing. i'd have to be in the hospital for about 6 weeks and the procedure would be sandwiched between chemo treatments.

this round wasn't as bad as the one two weeks ago. that one? OMG, i just wanted to flush myself down the toilet. i don't think it's ever been that bad in all the 4 years of chemo (off and on). but then this round i've been taking the anti nausea drug zofran and in a much higher dose. i've discovered that it makes me high, so i haven't been feeling the effects so much! am i sick? yep. can i keep food down? well, better than before. tired? yes, exhausted! but it's still waaay better than the last round. and i'm actually looking forward to eating!

so the fight continues. i continue to fight.

be well :p


Mizrepresent said...

please do continue your fight lil lady. So glad to hear from you! You are my hero in so many ways and i feel blessed to know you, even thru a virtual way...and plus you have got my most favorite song playing in the background...i mean come this karma or what! I wish you the best, every single day of your life. Live, Love and Laugh! always.

Princess Tinybutt said...

hey, you're fast! but you didn't say which song was playing??

you're sweet miz, thanks. honestly, i don't know how to take all the kudos. i just put one foot in front of the other.

Lovebabz said...

Stop your whinnning! UUgghhh! Ok you get to whine a little bit...ok a whole lot! LOL!