Sunday, August 12, 2007

major/minor hubby drama and b-day fun

it's much warmer these last few days. which is good for me in that my bones and joints ache awful when it's overcast and chilly. even though my doc's say there's no correlation- that's b.s.

well, dh and i had a bit of a spat yesterday and right now i am just so tired of him. tired of his 'shit'. just how he can be at times. here i am dealing with, living with, fighting with a few little life threatening illnesses (see previous posts), and it's like he dips in and out of the situation, i don't want to fight with him too! ok, so yeah, it's alot for him to deal with. i totally get that. i guess that's why he can acts like an ass at times. which is why i let a lot of shit slide with him.

don't get me wrong, he can be just F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S, alot of the time - given the situation. hell, he loves me and it shows. we are really good together and i love that, and i love him. but geeez louweez...!!! just a bad day for us.... oh well....

anyway, lb (ladybug) had a few birthday party's this weekend, and we went to just two. they were her classmates and it was great to see the kids and the parents too! many of her class mates have grown so much, i was surprised! they're all starting to loose that bay look about them. but it was fun to see her run around and playing with her friends again. she's realy missed them this summer. only a few weeks ago did she finally get the fact that she's out of school for the summer.

well, cc and the kids will be here tuesday, and then we're off to disneyland next saturday. yep, i'm crazy to go to d'land and get back to town the day before school starts. nuts! i pray it won't screw up her shcedule. yeah, right.....

be well :)

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