Saturday, August 25, 2007

where and how do i begin? (yikes, cc's visit!)

cc and the kids came to visit and, well.... i really don't know what to say without saying something that i know i'd regret. not that it wouldn't be the truth, or anything mean. i never regret telling the truth. the issue is that i always say things about other people, that i would have no problem saying to them directly. well, except maybe my mom!! and i really don't know how to say what i'm feeling to her, or if it even needs to be said, without causing drama. hell, i don't even know what i'm feeling really because it was all so.... over the top! and she's a "close" friend! i'll have to get to that later once i've got some distance between the whole visit and right now.

speaking of friends, i feel like i've picked up a few that are quickly becoming close to my heart. two in particular are moms at lb's school and are and have been just great to me this last year while going thru my health drama's. and they have no reason to be. they just really seem to have great spirits. one, hmmm what name can i give her??? don't want to be too obvious here. let's see, lil l's mom? or how 'bout ll kool k? yeah, i like that one. the other? hmmm, ok, uh..... this is hard! BOW, yes!! so, my new specials are ll kool k(maybe kk - kool k - for short) and BOW.

all of that to come up with some names?! hah! i'm so silly, really i am. ok, so anyway, i'm drawn to them more than any of the other parents, moms. don't get me wrong, everyone at lb's school is really nice, have offered to help or has in some way. for example, it's a private school and we have to do a certain number of volunteer hours and at some point dh and i knew that there'd e no way we'd make it. well, someone stepped up to the plate and donated their hours!! i'm still overwehelmed by that gesture. i really don't think whoever did that know's what it meant, and still means for them to do that for us. i am making it my mission to find out who did it!! SERIOUSLY!

i feel so blessed to have gotten her into this school, and well, everything happens how and when it's supposed to happen. and again, i see why.... i had the siezure and brain injury suddenly last year in october (see previous posts), just after school started, so we knew NO ONE! and no one knew us. and kk just stepped on up to the plate, along with BOW in her way, as she got to know us over the school year. so, as the year progressed and turned into summer, i have developed a special place in my heart for these two special ladies. i look forward to seeing them when school starts and getting to know them better over the coming school years.

ok, now you've got background on some new folks in my life. other than getting lb ready for school and dealing with the dumb decision to go to disneyland and come back the day before school starts while still having the houseguests from hell visiting and dealing with health issues, not much is going on!! oh yeah, did i mention that we still don't know who the first grade teacher will be? not worried though. lb is prepared.

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