Monday, November 3, 2008

trying something different, new


so my girl babz, along with D and juan, have convinced me to try to write a book. yep. a book. my goal is to discuss the journey one unwillingly goes on when diagnosed with a supposedly life ending diseases. to discuss this journey from the perspective of a woman who's african american navigating all the known and unknown emotional, spiritual, and most importantly, cultural landmines. but really, it's just my own perspective.

i have found, however, that the cultural (racial) aspect is significant. i wouldn't have thoguht it to be such a big deal in the begining, but it is. so i feel it should be addressed.

also, i now think my journey, my experience, may need to be revealed. to be shared. shared with the many women who, like me, do too much. who don't take care of themselves properly. who don't put themselves first. who come after any and every thing and one. every child, family member, church auxillary/function. those who pimp themselves willingly for any and every cause, 50% off sale, friend, job, and man (i'll adress that latter..). and they need badly to hear how significantly it negatively affects their overall health. mental. physical. emotional. spiritual.

i digress. i think i may be ready to share my journey. expose the issues i have, that have been uncovered, magnafied, escalated by having to dealing with heath crisis right at the begining of the prime of my life, and the fallout because of it. i now think they should be shared. i think i'm ready to share them.

i'm not an eloquent writer, at all. i still have neurological issues and don't always know if i'm getting my point accross in the manner i intend (i have brocca's aphasia to name just one), and i tend to babble now. but i will do my best, because i really hope this edeavor will help someone. so bear with me. i am scared. but that's good, right..?

be well :)

...i'm having a hard time hitting the 'publish post' button...? if i hit it, will that make it real?


Lovebabz said...

Oh you are too eloquent and authentic.

I am cheering you on!

Just do it!

Anonymous said...

I think this is an excellent idea, Angela. You can help so many women.. and yourself. Let me know how I can help!

Princess Tinybutt said...

thanks you two! you're always looking out for me, and i appreciate that. despite babz' praise, i will need both your help.

Shai said...

Great idea! Good luck.

Princess Tinybutt said...

hey shai, thanks!! i may need to pick your brain, lol ;)

CapCity said...

Of course u should AND CAN write a book... to make it less daunting - start by copying & pasting your blog posts into a document - then u can edit it, tweak it & add to it (just an idea;-)! Your blog is SUCH an inspiration, Sistah Princess!!

Princess Tinybutt said...

awwe cap, thanks! really. and the copy and paste idea is a great one! and i'm gonna do that actually.