Saturday, November 29, 2008

the birth of happiness and joy - my child

to day is the day that god blessed me with my darling daughter, ladybug... lauren camille.

my heart fills just thinking about what to write to describe what i feel. feel for her today, and always. but there's this song by lauryn hill called "To Zion", where she talks about her son, zion, and goes through the feelings of her experience. in a way, her experience is mine too. and whenever i here this song, i think of my ladybug. actually, it's not that hear the song often, it's that i thnk of it often, because of how intensly i love my girl.

well, here are the word to the song, but i've made some changes, as those of you who know the song will be able to tell....
Unsure of what the balance, held, I touched my belly overwhelmed by the meaning of it all.

Then an angel came one day, told me to kneel down and pray, for unto me a womanchild would be born.
Though the pregnancy was a crazy circumstance, I knew her life deserved a chance.
How beautiful if nothing more than to wait at Lauren's door. I've never been in love like this before.
Now let me pray to keep you from the perils of life that will surely come.
See life for you my Princess has just begun.
And I thank you for choosing me to come through unto life and be.
You are a beautiful reflection of His Grace.
You see, I know that a gift so great is only one that God could create, and I'm reminded of that every time I see your face....
That the joy of my world is in Lauren Camille. Now the joy my world is Lauren Camille.

my beautiful beautiful lauren camille - happy birthday .... mommy loves you.


laurie said...

You are both so, so beautiful. And because I read your blog, I know that you are also both smart and talented!!

Lovebabz said...


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

arent they wonderful

Shai said...

Happy Birthday to Ms. Ladybug.