Friday, October 2, 2009

the fight must go on

october is breast cancer awareness month and i'm glad, because we need to fight it. this is a disease that affects so many, not just women. and this is a disease that can be conquered. but only if we fight.

we must also be mindful that there are several other diseases that are in need of awareness too. that need to be fought just as fiercely as breast cancer.

let's also make the time to honor those still courageously fighting. lets uplift them and cheer them on, leting them know that we are here! i'm blessed to know some incredible people who are currently engaged in battle . they encourage me, inspire me, amaze me. and i'm thankful for them (holly, traci, laurie, miranda, catherine, and yvette).

yes, there's more, much more i'd like to say but i'm not feeling well today, and i'm not as eloquent as i would like to be. so i will leave you with a plea to be aware. be aware of your body, your health, your life. take control of them. make the time and do it now. and please take a moment to see what you can do to advace the fight against breast cancer, along with the many other cruel and vicious disease out there that snatch away the lives of those we love dearly. take a moment this month to remember them. honor them.

be well :)


nicki nicki tembo said...

I wish you well princess. I am understanding of your plight. We should all strive, as in race, toward all that is good, meaningful and healthy and when finished with our immediate task still labor hard to make life the best it can be for oneself and the others around us.

By age 32 I had had two partial mascetomies. Awareness is critical.

Princess Tinybutt said...

bless you my friend.

Lovebabz said...

((HUGS)) YOu know I am with you on all this! We are all connected! Love abound!

CapCity said...

i may not visit as often as I used to - but KNOW that I think of U, Pray 4 & WITH U often!!

Sending Hugz!!!

Pssst - I'm planning a West Coast Trip for Spring of 2010 & I hope U can fit me into your fabulous life for a minute;-).

Princess Tinybutt said...

hey cap! wow, i was just thinking about you today!! i'm so glad you stopped by. i've missed you andi hope that all is well with you and yours.

ps.... I CAN ABSOLUTELY 'FIT' YOU INTO MY SCHEDULE!!! you better call me!!!