Tuesday, May 18, 2010

getting dirty..... no, not that!

growing up i was very much a tomboy, a 'blue' kind of girl who very much wanted to be a 'pink' kind of girl. blue came naturally, and was just easier since i was my father's son for the first 10 years of my life, til my little brother came along. but i longed to be a pink....i just didn't know how. i always thought that i really was pink somewhere inside, more than just longing and wanting to be, simply because i didn't like to get dirty!

i hated getting dirty. i would throw a game of run down if it meant that i'd have to slide into some dirt. i remember passing on playing my most favorite-ist childhood game - jacks! all because i didn't want to sit in the dirt. i especially hate/hated dirt under my fingernails.

fast forward to now. i'm elbow deep in dirt. and not just dirt - compost and manure - and i love it! do i know what i'm doing? nope, not really. but as each day passes, everything looks better and better. well, my bok choi was looking a bit peaked, so i had to replant them closer to the house and fence so they'll get more shade, and they've perked right up! i'm so happy because i was so worried about them.

gardening makes me happy. truly happy. and i'm thankful.


Lovebabz said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! what a great garden. You are indeed a GARDNER! I planted my 1st garden this year. Things are growing up through the dirt woo-hoo! This is fun and a lot of work I suspect. Next year maybe I will get a few more raised beds like you!

CapCity said...

Hey li'l Mama! Came by to say Heyyy! & Thanx 4 coming by to check on me:-). Glad 2 C u R staying busy & fascinating as EVER! Yea, I'm on a new venture, too: gonna see what this Body Sculpting thing is all about! ;-) Keep me in prayer (of course, I keep U wrapped in prayer:-)! BIG HUGZ 2 U & yours!!

Princess Tinybutt said...

hey sister's!! thanks so much for stopping by! i'm trying hard to be patient tho! need to post new pics because with the recent rain i've got a small, edible jungle going on!

much love you to you!