Monday, September 19, 2011

i know, i know... LOL!!

hey hey hey! it's me and i'm doing well :)

 i've just been busy beyond belief. you'd think i would have spent this time 'recovering from my transplant ordeal last year, but NOOOO.... c'mon, it's ME.  i just can't help it.

so what have i been up to?

- working on my foundation The Butterfly Project for Lupus (, and u can follow us on FaceBook too)

- gardening, sorry no pics from the beginning, our camera is on it's last legs and i'm lazy about downloading pics from my phone. but so far i've grown 2 types of carrots, 5 different types of tomatoes (roma, sweet 100's, cherry, yellow pear, and 'SF Fog'), tons and tons of slender sweet haricot vert (those skinny fancy green beans - LOVE them!), tons of different types of lettuces, 3 types of zucchini, several colorful sweet peppers - both regular and mini sizes.sage, rosemary, thyme, tarragon, and chives. oh and the flowers! tons of dahlia's, irish belles, fixgloves, jasmine, giant zinnias (they're over 5 feet tall!!), hummingbird penstamons, princess lillies. i'm so proud of myself because i started them all from seed!!! YES!  so now i'm getting my winter crops - cabbage, broccoli, more lettuce,spinach, carrots, and my peppers should be still going strong thru november. i'm a happy girl :)

- then there's 'work'... i've got alot on my plate. many of you already know that i run, with my dad, a boutique financial and small business consulting services firm where i also run my life coaching practice from as well  ( and my new coaching blog which is under construction!). i had to put my coaching workshops on hiatus, and turn down or refer out several new clients for a little bit while i recovered from my procedures last yer, but i'm back to being busy now. it's a blessing to be self employed, be able ot work with my dad in a business that's thriving (even in this economy!), and that i love what i do and what i do truly touches people in ways that always amaze me!

- and then of course there's my family! the first love of my life - dearest juan my hubby, is still hanging in there. i swear, he must love me because he keeps coming home everyday, lol! i give him such a hard time, but i think he secretly loves it because he loves to fuss. and goodness knows i give him ample opportunity, lol! then there's my most beloved ladybug. she had a banner track season, again, and made it to the Junior Olympics in New Orleans earlier this year, but we didn't go. we chose to go home to atlanta (juan's home and my adopted one since college) for a much needed visit, and we had a blast. it's also where i got addicted to "piece of cake" cupcakes. oh they're truly dangerous. the best way to describe them is this review from Yelp "You literally have no idea. You just don't. This level of foodgasm-inducing dessert is so beyond your realm of understanding, it should have its own planet...Seriously." that's what i would have said, lol!

anyway, now that you're sort of caught up on everything. please know that i'll be much better about posting, because i really love to do it. i've just got to find the time and energy now, especially since i've started two other blogs and FaceBook accounts to maintain. but know that i'm back, and with pictures, lol!

be well friends :)

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