Thursday, April 12, 2012

family fun & revelation on easter

hey everyone!

i truly hope you all had are having (greek orthodox) a great Easter and passover. i had a great time with family and friends when i decided at the last minute to have everyone over for dinner. i say last minute because i FORGOT it was Easter! yes, really. but we had a BLAST!! lots of great company, and great food - if i must say so myself, lol! (yes, i cooked every last bit - right down to the chocolate cake!)

Easter is about resurrection, rebirth, renewal. and i have been going through so much in the last year, so many revelations and moments of clarity. this Easter season has meant more to me than previous ones, especially because i'm still here able to celebrate, but mostly because of what's been going on with me.

i've always thought, felt that i've been pretty good at being honest with myself (therefore honest with others), but as i said in my last post, one of the revelations i recently came to was that i really hadn't been. that was scary! what do you mean i'm a liar?! i know that's a bit extreme, but it's the truth. i can be truthful with everyone else, get everyone (clients and close friends) to face their truths, but not be truthful to/with myself.

i'm also realizing that i actually DID/DO give a damn about what other people think. i had always thought i really didn't care that much, not in the way other people did/do. but yes, i did and still do to a degree. i didn't realize til recently that like so many other women, i allowed what I THOUGHT others thought of me, to influence me. how did i NOT notice this??! the good thing about life is that it's never too late. EVERY SINGLE MOMENT IS AN OPPORTUNITY for change, for revelation, for perspective, for love, for so much!

how LIBERATING is that?!


part of the table

one of my 'lil sister/girlfriends' kind enough to join us with her boyfriend

here's my big little nephew jordin (6yrs) posing for the camera
be well friends :)

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