Sunday, July 8, 2018


Dear Blog,

I’ve been unfaithful. I’ve been seriously involved in another social media relationship. Yep. There. I’ve said it. Sigh… Though I love you deeply, and have thought of you almost daily, truly missing you… this other relationship has been giving me something I’ve not gotten with you – instant and selfish gratification. Usually in the forms of good wishes and prayers, support, and political statements. Overall, the other relationship is just, well… quick, easy, passive. There isn’t a lot of deep or real work involved. It’s light. Whereas here, with you... I gotta put in some real work. This is a real commitment. Not that I'm afraid of that. No. I still love you, miss you, and am here to throw myself on your mercy and seek redemption.

If you can find a way to forgive me and be ok with this, I think we all can live together harmoniously, almost equitably actually. But the bottom line is that I need you. Badly. This time away has shown me that I need you. You help me connect with my soul, you help keep me real and honest. And now, I need that more than ever. So, if you’ll have me back…. Let’s get started.

Yes, of course a lot’s going on. It wouldn’t be my life if not, right? So much to get caught up on, so… stay tuned! 


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