Monday, October 3, 2011

14 Years Ago Today...

greetings everyone!

surrounded by some of my most cherished friends and family on a beautiful jamaican beach at sunset 14 years ago today i said "I DO".

i said "I DO" to a man who is truly my partner, my friend, my critic, my lover, my loudest cheerleader and biggest fan. my caretaker. he see's the very best in me all of the time. even when i'm truly not at my best.

like most men, he's not perfect. his communication skills need work. he's stubborn. he often only hears what he wants to hear. he's a bit more then just a little narcissistic and passive aggressive. yes, he's far from perfect. but unlike most men, he loves me in the most perfectly imperfect way, and that's just perfect to me!

if you don't know by now, i can be a handful and a little bit more than a notion. i know my own mind and i can be as stubborn as a charging bull. i'm sure that at least twice each month for the last 18 of the total 21 years  we've been joined at the hip, my dear husband wonders what the heck he's gotten himself into by marrying me.

we've been through alot together. when the minister says "for better or for worse", no one truly thinks of the 'worse' really. in our simple, newly married minds the 'worse' is a vague and distant thing, almost intangible in a way. 'worse' happens to other people. well, it has happened/is happening to us. as many of you know i've been stricken with several nasty autoimmune diseases, one in particular has the distinction of being terminal (the nerve!!), and he and i have been through some things that would rip many couples apart.we are only better and stronger.

i am so very thankful for juan. for his poise. his quiet strength and knowing. his discipline. for his wit and ability to laugh at himself. his tenderness and care. i'm thankful for how he takes care of ladybug and i. for his trust. his gentleness. his willingness to do whatever it takes to make me happy. his honesty. but most of all, i am so very thankful for his love.

be well friends :)