Monday, January 28, 2013


alright everyone. after extreme procrastination (fear really), long heart to hearts with myself and God, juan fussing at me to get off my ass and just do it, and prayer.... i've decided to do my own talk radio show.

as many of you may already know, i am a certified life coach  ( with a busy practice helping women get their acts together around money/financial literacy, love, career transitions, goal identification and accomplishment, and well, just getting through life's tough spots.  i absolutely LOVE what i do and feel i've been called by God to do this work, which is why i feel it's a blessing every day. but i've been running from this radio show idea for the last 2 years because i wanted everything to be perfect (anal capricorn), and waiting for the ideal time.....
the website and blogs updated, the marketing done and ready to go, the format and 6-9 months worth of topics in the hopper and waiting, along with a few guests lined up.  

NOT. there is no such thing as perfect nor ideal, and i know that. i don't have even half of all that stuff ready to go. there is no ideal time to step out on faith, except for the moment you actually do it.

now that i've set a date and put it out into the universe, it's now real and i must do this. honor God really, because i know it's Him who's pulling me, pushing me really, to do this. you all know how He can be. it's like a rock in my shoe. dang it.

i'm scared.

so what will this show be all about you ask? well, it will be just an extension of my coaching practice and situations and solutions i come across while working with my father in our financial and small business consulting firm. along with lots of  "me" and my story, for good measure. oh, and a little bit of nonsense i'm sure. you all know how i LOVE to talk, so we'll see..

there's that fear again. danm. deep breath. i know in my bones that i'm supposed to be doing this. but i'm scared.

no one knows me. who am i to be talking about anything, right? why would anyone want to listen to me? what do i have to say that's meaningful?

damn,. fear. deep breath.

i can do this. i will do this. ok. so there.

stay tuned. the show will launch the week of february 18th.

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That Johnson Boy said...

What a pleasant surprise to check in and learn that one of my favorite super sheroes is coming to a radio show near me!!! Congrats Sis! It's been awhile -- both me writing and checking in on my fellow bloggers -- but seeing you here and living life to the fullest has made my morning! That Johnson Boy!

Princess Tinybutt said...

wow!! it is SO VERY good to hear from you my friend! it has been too long. i check in on you from time to time too. yes, i'm back. please come by often.
be well :)

Tiffany Fleming-Lynn said...

Ok Mrs. Angela I meant to ask the last time how can I hear the show I would love to listen and even get some great advice from you. Plz let me knw.