Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Is It Twelve Already?

Wow, has it really been two months since my last post? Honestly, I have no excuses and I’m sorry. I’ve just been lazy. I think of and want to blog every day, but just haven’t. That’s it. No excuses really, no drama, haven’t been sick, fingers been working (sort of) fine. Then I started getting emails from you all - my wonderful and faithful followers. Wow. I’m so blessed and humbled that so many you out there actually care about my inane dribble. Then I really began feeling bad. As I should. Because I’ve had some pretty funny, interesting, and thought provoking insights to blog about! Well, what’s done is done, so let’s get to it! Since there’s a bit of ground for me to cover, I’ll start slowly, which will force me to post several entries – more for you all to enjoy! 

So let’s start with my beloved ladybug. She just had a birthday and is now a twelve year old. I’m still wrapping my mind around this. It’s amazing to see how she’s grown (literally! –  she's grown 7 inches in 10 months!!), and developed both emotionally and maturity wise, especially since moving her to a new school last year. She has changed by leaps and bounds and I’m so damn proud of her! She’s gone from absolutely hating the idea of reading, to begging for books and sneaking to stay up late so she can read! OMG. She rarely complains, and never gives up. I am often in awe of her and wondering where she gets that fortitude from. 

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post here, last year was the year from hell for us when we moved her to this new school – it was truly horrible. But she triumphed and never let those kids, or the situation get to her. Now, she’s a rock star! She’s little miss popularity! It's like the twilight zone, lol! They LOVE her! She’s not complaining either. Even though she seems to have found a really good core group of girls (who’ve played a major role in her new found interest in reading), I see now through the benefit of hindsight that at least this group of girls are shy in nature and underexposed, and that that's what their particular issue was last year (I can't speak for the other lil heifers!). However, Juan and I have told her more than once to be mindful, that some of them were the same girls who treated her not so nice, for whatever reason, and to let them show her that they want to be her friend for who she is, not what they think she has or can do for them.

With that little bit of background said, she had a big birthday weekend blowout/extravaganza with some of the girls from school. It was two days of 12 and 13 year old fun! The theme was “Girls Night Out and In” where we first did a ‘date’ with a movie and dinner complete with ‘mocktails’, then we headed to our house for lots of fun and games. Once home we did the bday cake and a sparkling cider toast in fancy glasses. Then they had an Xbox dance off and karaoke singing contests where the girls won prizes. Afterwards they had a massive pillow fight and enjoyed down time where they did crafts, worked puzzles, and played card/board games. The next morning we headed to the local breakfast spot for pancakes and hot chocolate, then back home for more hanging out time til their parents picked them up. Everyone had a blast! And I survived!  

So it's official, we have a twelve year old. My how time has flown...

Be well ♥


Kapryse Eugenae said...

Sounds like great fun... Happy Blessed Birthday Lady Bug...and A very Blessed Christmas and New year to your Family.

Kapryse Eugenae said...

Sounds like great fun... Happy Blessed Birthday Lady Bug...and A very Blessed Christmas and New year to your Family.

Glorya Nevius said...

OMG that means she was 4 when I first fell in love with her. She's becoming such a very lovely young woman. Wait until she becomes a teen and wants to start dating... then we will really watch Juan come unglued!