Saturday, January 25, 2014

break time! day 1

Hey y’all! 

I realized last summer that just the three of us (juan, ladybug, and myself) hadn’t taken a real family vacay since ladybug was a toddler! Yes, we travel, and travel quite a bit, but it was always family related and mainly to Atlanta, which is where Juan is from and where I finished school. We always have a blast when we go ‘home’ because, well, it’s home. Most of my college friends are still in the area, and do I need to even mention all the good eating to be had there? Plus Juan and ladybug get to spend time with the family.  Even though it’s home, it’s still just home.
the fountain at Balboa Park
Upon my vacation realization I told Juan we had to fix this asap! So being the man of action that he is, he started looking for somewhere other than Atlanta for us to visit. But the question was when. Do we sacrifice our Christmas vacation in Atlanta for our family get a way? We don’t get home as much as we used to; it’s dwindled down to only once or twice each year ($650 has been the average price per ticket!) at most, and his family’s not happy about it. Thanksgiving? It required more thought, and time, but ultimately Christmas break won and the Atlanta lost. San Diego here we come!

We left that Thursday before Christmas and returned late Christmas Eve. Thirty minutes into the flight I began to panic because I realized that I hadn't done ANY shopping!! Nope. Not even one little gift card for ANYONE! And we were returning too late for me to get anything at least for ladybug. In addition to my own anxiety, ladybug had to contribute hers as well - would we get back in time to make Santas cookies? how will Santa find her if we didn't have a tree? and on and on...!  Well thank God for friends like Glo! She saved the day by doing all my shopping for ladybug! I could exhale and really enjoy the trip.

And boy did we have a much needed blast filled with lots of food, walking (and no wheelchair or motor scooter mind you!!), and uncontrollable laughter. It was just wonderful and just what we needed and we will be doing this more often! 

Day one was all about rest and relaxation. But day two was full of museums at Balboa Park. This place is a museum freaks heaven! There are museums for every possible interest, with fountains and historic mission style buildings all nestled in a beautiful park setting. There are people everywhere selling churros and balloon animals, protesting the civil situation or another, passing out info on religious and sexual rights to expression (not necessarily the one in the same, lol!) all throughout the place. Our favorites where the ones with animals. 
she loves dinosaurs, reptiles, and sharks!
As for museums, we found ourselves in the natural history museum... ladybug LOVES dinosaurs, sharks, and other creatures. 

this creeped me out

she got a real kick out of this giant shark!
telling her dad 'what's what'

we had fun at the natural history museum

Day 1 was so much fun, so STAY TUNED for day 2!

Be well

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