Sunday, December 23, 2007

D DAY!!!

oh i am still in heaven!! i got to spend almost al day with "d". she's like the love of my life in a way. i've mentioned her very little from time to time, so let me break it down for you.
well, i love her. we've been friends for at least 20 years, and met when she came out here to northern california wiht her family from the mid west. we help each other through as much as we possibly can. we both are married with children. hers are almost grown whereas ladybug is just 6, and our husbands i swear are twins seperated at birth in terms of how they "are" in the relationship and in general. she has a crazy dad, i have a crazy mom, and they are both "crazy" in the same way. it's so spooky and destined with how much we have in common, and are alike, and how we are different.

i love her. we speak the same language. we talk about EVERYTHING. no really. everything. things that would make some of the most brash, self assured, well adjusted and comfortable people blush. everyone should have a friend that you can share everything with. literally. it's so liberating, at least for me it is.

i love her. i admire her. she's been through alot. has survived alot. and i admire her, her faith. her spirituality. and her quiet strength too. she keeps it real with me in a way that i feel no one else could. we call each other on one anothers "stuff" and it's ok. because it's us. and i love that. like this one time when i was spazing about something stupid and trivial that juan had done and she so calmly and deftly said to me "now ang... what's really going on? you know that the devil is a liar and is always busy trying to keep you distracted and focused on things that don't really matter......". she stopped me cold. took all the air our of my sails. no more rant for me. now, she still let me go off on my rant, but, she checked me, and kept me from getting rediculous unnecessarily. and we had a great laugh about just how dumb hubbies can be at times and reminded me that i just have to allow them that dumbness from time to time.
i love to look at her. watch her. she's beautiful! her hair. walk. her clothes. her make up. everything. in place and impeccable. i was wearing her clothes when i was 17, 18, 19 years old. i had no business wearing them too. i was swimming in them! but i wanted to be like her in that way. she had the body, grace, style, and movement of a woman. not me. i still don't. and she has only gotten better. she, along with halle barry, sarah jessica parker, michael michelle, christine davis, tracey ellis ross.
so anyway, our birthdays are 10 days apart and so we decided to do something every year, just the two of us, to celebrate. so friday we hung out. the original plan was to have lunch, do a little shopping, then see a 'date night' movie that we know our husbands won't go see with us. well, he ate, we shopped, but didn't make it to the movie. we sat in her car in front of my house, and talked for hours!! til midnight actually! we had sooo much fun. well, i had so much fun.
i really like just being with her, or just talking to her. she really inspires me. and on so many levels. i look up to her.
we laugh, gossip, giggle, talk trash. i love it. i love doing that with her.
it's hard though. you see, she has so much on her plate. kids, church, work, trying to develop her interest in fashion as a side career, a husband who enjoys (demands) her time way more than i do. that's alot. i tell her all the time that she really needs to make time, take time, for herself. and to take care of herself.
so, yes, i had a "D DAY". i got to have her all to myself. and i am still on cloud 9.
i love her. and i wish that everyone could have a sister/friend like d. and feel the way i feel about her.

be well :)

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