Monday, December 3, 2007

gee doc, ya think?!?

i am soooo sick of doctors, and medical related things and stuff. i just don't know where to begin!!

i guess i'm just frustrated and tired with my health situation. everyone is still saying the same 'ole thing. i feel as though they aren't really hearing me. don't get me wrong, i've got the "best" doctors in their respective specialties.

but what's got my panties in a knott right now is that i went to one of my doctor appointments, and she charges up front for service - doesn't take insurance - and all she did was call my neuro, who just to switch me to different siezure drug, "let's see what that will do for you, huh?" big woop. "that'll be $75 please". WHUH?!?! i was there all of 8 minutes, and that was after sitting in the waiting area 25 minutes for my 10am appointment.

UUUHHHHGGGG!!!!!!!no resolution, no answers. just more of "well, lets try this". ok, ok. i get it. really i do. i get that i've got this rare funky thing going on (i still don't want to say that 'word'), and that doctors are trained to just treat the symptoms. but DAMN.

i'm just so frustrated, and even more so, tired of this not so merry medical go 'round, and around. but hey, this is today. tomorrow is tomorrow. *insert big smile*

be well :)


glo429 said...

That's over $560/hr. I want to be that kind of a doctor in my next life! Maybe I can do it in this life if you help me with my resume! LOL! Yeah, it's frustrating, but if she's helping, you gotta put up with it, I guess....

Princess TinyButt said...

hey glo! yeah, see, that's just it!! she's not helping. i still have this outbreak. i know she's trying. she's just doing what she was trained to do - not listen too closely and prescribe a drug, lol!