Thursday, November 29, 2007

ladybugs birthday is today!

six years ago today god blessed me with my dearest, sweetest ladybug. today is lauren camille's birthday. she is now six. wow!
we did nothing fancy - no shin dig, no ton's of kids, balloons, activities, goodie bags (yes!). i made some cakes and bookmarks for the kids in her class, mom and pop went with me to her class, we sang happy birthday passed out the "goodie bags", then went home. but she is coming down with a cold. she's miserable. but i also made her her own cute little 2 layer mini cake. creamy french vanilla buttercream icing with pink, purple, yellow, and orange fondant daisy's. cute!
but i'm feeling funny about this though. she's getting older, growing up. it's amazing how fast babies grow and change. mindblowing really. and scary. she's really becoming her own person. an individual. seperate and distinct from me, yet i'm responsible for her. six years is just a little 'ole a finger snap in the big scheme of things. it's nothing, no biggie. but yet it's so big.
big to a newly minted six year old and her mommy.

be well :)

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