Sunday, November 25, 2007

it's good to be me

hey there!

i love my life. and especially the peope in it, as well as those passing through. i've always had a knack for never meeting a stranger, and (fortunately, they've never been crazy, lol!) lately there's been some really neat ladies droping in my life right now, and one of them, like cc and a few other's, shares my new love of scrapbooking and papercrafting. they seem so interesting, you know everyone has a story, and i so look forward to getting to know them better!

on thanksgiving eve, i spent the afternoon/evening with my bestest sister friend d doing one of my most favorite things - cooking. we prepped everything she needed for her turkey day feast while we laughed, gossiped, preached, and amen'd the whole time. it was just so wonderful! it always is with her. she knows me. really know's me. and calls me on my 'stuff' (what little i have, lol!) is such a way that is tender and comforting, yet firm, honest, and real. we talk about everything, and i mean everything. *yep,start blushing*

then there's shan who's, to me, like a little sister and has always been there for me in so many ways since i've been sick. she's selfless and considerate and always so thoughtful. she's taught me so much really. how to be humble, that there's blessings in recieving. ll cool k and bow and cc are very much the same way too. it's so humbling to me. with as much self esteem and self assuredness as i have and as nice as i think i am, i still stop and wonder how i got so lucky.

juan says i'm just getting back all that i have given, and still give. well, i can't imagine that i've been this good in this life.

thank you all for being my friends :)

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