Monday, November 19, 2007

party rediculousness

what's with kiddie birthday parties these days?!?! i've been trying to plan lauren's b-day party since early september. well, to no avail. nothing is available. i've called everyplace that would be appropriate for a soon to be six year old from san leandro to fairfield to marin county. what i really wanted to have it at our little community center were the rental fee was minimum, but they get you on on a bunch of others "fees" because it's a kiddie party to the tune of $375. and that's just to rent the place. add on the cost of the actual part itself.
i just don't get it. really. lauren's party last year was at a place called pump it up, they have locations all over the bay area, we chose oakland. it's a really neat concept where the kids junp around for 2 hours on several large blow up junpers, wear themselves out, then have over priced pizza and soda (nothing healthy) that you can only purchase from them, sing happy bday, go home and fall out!! the total for that was $580!!! and we didn't get goodie bags (at $3.75 a pop!).
well, they and all their other locations were booked this time around, so i tried every where else that i and everyone else i know and emailed could think of. nothing. unless i want to mortgage my house to pay the minimum of $450 to have a party somewhere. but then juan came up with the brilliant idea of having her party at the neighborhood bowling alley. SCORE!!
but noooo...... they want $450.00!!! what the .. it's BOWLING!!! what is this foolishness and mayhem?!?!?
i mean, i do get the convenience factor - no clean up, you pretty much just show up then go home. that is nice. it was nice last year. but $600 for that convenience? that, i don't get.

be well :)

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