Friday, November 2, 2007

i must cook soon!!!

ok, my passion, hobbie, obsession, whatever, is cooking (and eating too, ha!) and i must do it soon or i'm gonna flip! i haven't been able to cook, or visit whole foods in sooo long that i could cry. really. i'm not allowed to drive because of my seizures, ergo, not able to get to one of my favorite stores. have i told you just how much i love that place?!?!?! more on that later.... i've got to hurry!

anyway, so i sit here watching food network, america's test kitchen, day after day, dreaming, yearning to go to my kitchen and pick up one of my beautiful all clad sauciers and cook somethng. anything! it's brushed stainless steel, so sexy, calling me...

since i've been really sick this last year, juan has been doing the grocery shopping, and most of the cooking, bless his dark little heart! but. it's just not the same. as good as he can be, when he wants to be, he's still a man (and all that that means), and is just not as crazy about food and cooking as i am. now, he tries. really hard too.

** confession is good for the soul --- i lost track of what i was saying because i was compelled to play a few rounds of computer solitaire. how many companies are loosing productivity hours due to this horrible addiction??!!**

so like i was saying...
plus, you know how it is when you go to the grocery store!! yes, you have a list (i'm anal and stick to it pretty closely), but you see something interesting, or different, or on sale (score!), so you pick up a few extra things. even with a list, shopping's in your head. and i know how to pick meat, produce and what not. he came home with a bag of carrots that had an expiration date for the next day one time, and another time i said to buy a round roast, he came home with a chuck roast!! it'a a man thing. yeah?

but i'm jealous too. like right now this minute i'm supposed to be emailing him the grocery list i've yet to finish because HE'S going to whole foods. that's why i said i had to just isn't fair. i'll blog more later, i've got to finish this grocery list!

be well :)

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