Wednesday, November 7, 2007

i like this kind of messiness

this is nothing earth shattering. no major revelations. just another admission.
ok, i admit it. one of my secret addictions is of abc's "the view" tv show and it's segment called "hot topics". you know the show and are probably just as crazy about it as i am too. i just love it! why? well, it's like when i was back in junior high or high school, eavesdropping on some girls you admire, look up to, or are envious of (in a good way) while they're sitting around gossiping about everyone and everything else. it's a group of fairly diverse women - whoopi goldberg who's kissing sixty and sexuality is questionable, 2 other left leaning comedianne's/actresses not known until this show (one is white/italian american and over 50, the other is a black "sister from around the way" in her mid to late 30's), and a cute and blonde little non survivor from the reality tv show "survivor" who's mid 20-ish and adamantly/blindly right wing-ish, then old, corny-ish, must hold on to some shred of repect and dignity barbara walters. they sit around a big table with an audiance discussing the "hot topics" of the day. it gets pretty heated at times and i love it.

the 'girls' go back and forth sharing their 'views' and opinions on various topics, injecting humor (3 comedians in the bunch), candor, and quite a bit of plain silliness.

i always hold my breath when its a day that barbara walters is on because she's such a highly respected news women with an illustrous career, and she sits at the table with the other women cussin and gossipin too, right along with them. i can't believe the stuff that comes out of her mouth sometimes - barbara walters said that!! what!! it's like a train wreck sometimes. here's this majorly respected newswoman trying her best not to be too controversial on some of the most stupidest, inane, controversial and non people and issues of the day from politics to hollywood stars to sex to the real estate market. can you imagine barbara walters discussing a sweating virgina?!?! but i really love it! and after "hot topics" is over, i turn the channel. that's it. that's all i want to see. a group of fairly diverse women being gossipy and catty on tv.
that's it. that's all.... for now!

be well :)

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