Monday, December 10, 2007

my not so secret, secret

ok. many of you know that i am heavily into scrapbooking. well, addicted really. just like my computer solitare (see earliest posts). and, well my friends, i've been straying. yes. i have found ... a website... that i practically.... live on.

it's a whole community of wonderful artsy crafty people who inspire, helpo, and motivate each other. a place where one can indulge their entire and complete scrapbooking, cardmaking fantasties, no matter how dark and twisted they may be.

i've got it bad. i stay logged on all day. i browse the other members gallery's, which is where they post all their work; i read their scrap related blogs; i look at scrapping products; i check out and post on the many many forums. that's why i haven't posted here all week, and why i only just started my holiday baking TODAY. i'm so behind! i'm addicted.

"hi, my name is angela, and i am a ( addict".

there. done. now i can go back to browsing until i can't keep my eyes open anymore and my fingers hurt.

be well :)


Shannon said...

my not so relevant comment comment: I love that the one google ad on your page is for Ladybug themed birthday supplies. I know it's google so they're good at relevant ads, but that's just too perfect! Okay, go on back to now.

Princess TinyButt said...

ha, ha!! i'm actually typing a post now, just trying not to be too long winded... you know how i am!! LOL!!!!

HEY!! i like your pic! are you bloggin too??