Tuesday, March 18, 2008


hey there!

i have been so very busy, and i'm sorry! the whole situation with ladybug has taken up so much of my mental energy. more than i expected. i'll post about that later. what i'm here to do now is to show you what i've been doing to aliviate some of the stress.

I HAVE DISCOVERED STAMPIN UP! and i'm in love. i went to my first workshop about 2 weeks ago, followed about another soon after. i was hooked! the stuff is just beautiful! it has taken my card making to a whole new level. and i've connected with a new group of wonderful women who are so creative and fun. i ordered a ton of stuff. i fell in love so hard that i signed up to be a STAMPIN UP! demonstrator, which means i help other's find their creative inner goddess. i don't know about that, i'm still looking for mine. she's there though. somewhere.

so with that said, here are some pic's of what i've been up too, and the mess i make while doing it! enjoy :) ** yes, i'm still working on how to post pic's **
be well!

p.s... yes, that's ms. oprah in the background. my name is angela, and i am an oprah winfrey addict.

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Lovebabz said...

Gosh! I love that you are so crafty. Because I am so not that talented. I may make this a goal to learn how to make my own cards! You are inspiring me!