Friday, March 14, 2008

you may not agree, but...

ok, i just LOVE oprah's sattelite radio station "oprah and friends"!! i just discovered that we get it through our sattelite cable company. omg, her 'friends' are fantastic. gail is a bit goofy, but still good. dr. robbin is awsome!!! i really like the rabbi shmuley as well. and the series with life coach marianne williamson (the age of miracles) is so very intriguing! she has other friends as well, nate burkis, and other's, like the english clutter guy who's name escapes me.


and in listening to the station, it occured to me that, i think, oprah really acts like gail. all of oprah's little 'isms' and mannerisms and what nots are really gail's. well, they seem to me to be more truer, more authentically gail's, than oprah's. i'm thinking that that may be why so many (black folks) have issues with her and can't seem to put their finger on why. like a friend once said.." she seems so, well, i don't know what, just not her, like she's trying on someone else".


be well!!

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Lovebabz said...


I am a HUGE Oprah & Friends fan! I love everyone there. I am so into Marrianne Williamson's Course in Miracles. I am reading it now. I actually just found the book A Course In Miracles book at Barnes & Noble for $12 which is way less than the $30 it costs online!