Friday, March 7, 2008

a very good friend speaks my mind

one of my FAVORITE blogger-ista, lovebabz, had a post on her site the other day that had me blinking hard and saying 'AMEN!' because it was what i was, in part, some of what i was going to post about today. it seems as though i'm connecting with many many women, through my professional life coaching practice, or friends and family, or just in the local whole foods (something about me!?!), who've seem to have fallen into this, well, hmpf .... i'm struggling with what to call it. but whatever you call it, it's not right. not right for you, ladies(!!).

in my practice i work with women who've lost themselves, or are in the process of losing themselves, to so many things - they're families, work, shopping, eating, and love-yes, love. and it happens all too often because they settle. quietly,oh so quietly. they settle. in this post i was going to use this and segway into talking about love relationships. yet my big sis lovebabz has done it for me, and so cogently, succinctly, and of course.... eloquently! please enjoy her words....

"...I know too many women who are not happy in their love lives. I know too many women who are settling for crumbs of affection. Why do we set ourselves upon that path? What is it about love that we believe is so illusive that We will accept so very little from someone. Believing if we ask for more, that it means we want too much. And who are these men who are offering so little and why? I only know that I can't be that woman who accepts scraps. When you are a beggar at the table of love, You will always come away feeling hungrier than when you showed up and in that hunger you will accept any old cut of meat. My Sister-friend JB says we have to order different...better cuts of meat...and she's right....."

yes. yes. i will continue this line of blogging later, for i am exhausted, still, and not feeling well at all. i'm off to do dome self care my friends. but i'll be back so very soon, to fill you in for the ladybug drama, what i've been cooking, and my new adventures in cardmaking that i just haven't had the time to do! i've been away too long, and i miss you all.

be well!

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Lovebabz said...

Hey Princess,
Thanks for using my post in your post! That is cool. Sister, it took me a bit to figure this out, but once I did, it was as if the lights came on!