Friday, March 28, 2008

catch'in up

me and cc on my trip to visit her

it's been 10 days since i've posted last! my goodness! well, let's play catch up...

i've been busy, well, busy for me. last week juan and i snuck away to carmel for 2 days for a little midweek romp and it was so nice to just be away. he had to go for work, but had set it up so that he really didn't have much to do, so we were able to spend most of the time together. carmel is a quain little seaside community just south of monterey, while still in the monterey bay area. it's absolutely gorgeous! the beauty of the redwoods and monterey pine trees, the mountains are covered with them. rich and deep greens and emeralds against the blue sky. my simple words to describe the majesty just aren't adequate at all. breathtaking.

so we strolled along the streets filled with boutiques, eateries, unique stores, and galleries - galleries, and more galleries. i think this place has more galleries per block than anywhere else in the world! we did a little shopping, which hubby loves to do...for me. we stopped off in the store anthropologie i love that place. we, or i should say he, picked up a couple of sweaters that i just love, but each one is a hundred bucks. i haven't taken them out of the bag. i just don't feel right about those sweaters. money isn't tight, but i am not one of those frivolous spenders. i actually don't like to shop. also, i'm only just now starting to get back to work. and really, i'm still not supposed to be working. but that's another post that i'll be doing very soon. i feel guilty because i just spent a small fortune on a ton of craft stuff, plus i got my new cricut die cutting machine (yipee!!). so i feel like i better cool it. especially when i look around my house and see all the stuff we need like new bedding, towels, and a washer/dryer. here's another wave of guilt as i type this!

anyway, as soon as we got back from carmel, i heading off to pasadena the very nexdt day to visit my very good friend cc. we are very close, like sisters actually, and are so similar that it's scary. we met about 12 years ago while working for the same company, and we've been inseperable ever since. she has 2 kids, her son and ladybug are the same age, and her daughter will be 2 in may. we are so close that i am her daughters god mom - her 'nouna', which is a big deal in the greek culture. i am honored.

going to pasadena was a major deal becasue it was the first time i was truly by myself in close to two years because of my health. it was exhilerating!! it was scary. i am so proud of myself. and of juan. i know it was so very hard for him to let me go. it almost broke my heart, and i'm getting teary now thinking about it, watching him watch me standing in the line at the airport. the look of fear in his face, uncertainty in his eyes. he could'nt take it anymore and barked to the skycap to get me a wheelchair "right now!". but i got over my heartache the moment he drove away!

i was all by myself! my self. just me. yes. i told the wheelchair pusher to stop for a moment. right in the middle of all the chaos of the oakland international airport terminal 1. we stopped. and i closed my eyes and inhaled. i just breathed and began to pray. i thanked god for my life. and all that is in it. it felt great.

so pasadena was really nice and the weather was fantastic - the mid 80's. cc was there for work ans had a few days off while there. we hung out ans just walked around pasadena - no kids, just us 'girls'. we went to santa monica and walked around too. while we were in pasadena, a bently pulled up and parked next to us. so we snapped away! just fun! juan scheduled an appointment for me to see a naturopath/iridologist while i was there as well. now, in full disclosure, i am very open to natural and alternative medicine, and in fact, see an accupuncturist and chinese herbalist, along with the tons of other things i do in conjuction with the western medical treatments. with that said.... this guy was a quack! totally. it was so ridiculous that it was just plain funny. i think the guy prays on elderly women and is not use to 'patients' asking questions. in my search for health, i have come across some crazy stuff, but this guy takes the cake! cc and i are still cracking up about it!

well, that has been my last 10 days or so. in between all of that, i am still dealing with the school situation (see previous post about inappropriate touching), in the midst of re-launching my life coaching practice, and seriously thinking of starting a crafting mini-business.

how's my health you ask? well, i'm feeling good. not great. just good. and tired. but, as you can see, i've had/got alot on my plate. my plan, or goal, is to have several of the things on my plate cleared off by april 15th. there. i've put it in witing. what are the things on my plate? that's another post too!

be well :)


Lovebabz said...

Hey Princess,

I am so glad you and My favorite husband Juan got a couple of days of "HONEY" time! I LOVE Carmel/Monterey/Santa Barbara. It is by far one of the prettiest places on earth!

Your pictures are great! You look radiant like you two are having a fab time.

Kudos to My favorite hubsand Juan for letting you fly solo! I know it was a BIG BIG deal for him. Give him lots of hugs for being brave!

I have funny images of you and the quack alternative medicine guy! That is priceless!

DO NOT WASTE TIME ON GUILT! Wear those sweaters! Don't worry about what the house will get round to it! If nothing is sinking into the ground, the clothes are getting washed and so on then don't sweat it. You will get to it.

I absolutely think you ought to start a crafting business. You are TALENTED! I would save my pennies and buy your stuff in a heartbeat!

I am happy that you posted!

I love you! You are my touch stone.

CapCity said...

I'm SOO excited that u got away for some SWEETNESS! ;-)

I've heard WONDERFUL things about Carmel & can't WAIT to take my DREAM Drive in a FLY ride down California's coastal hwy (1?) so i can visit all of those beautiful seaside towns!

Sending Hugz2ya!

Princess TinyButt said...

hey you two! thanks so much! i had you with me as i was looking out over the pacific. yes cap, that drive up hwy 1 is FANTASTIC! well, juan was brave to let me go. hell, he's got to be brave just to be with me!! lol!!

luv ya girls!