Tuesday, May 27, 2008

not just to party.

hey there!

all is well on my end. how's it going with you all? mommy had ladybug almost all weeked. she's going to start keeping her a day or two during the week to give juan and i a brake (yipee!!), especially since she's got this track schedule from hell and i'm starting chemo soon. juan and i rested and watched all the great military movies. i just love 'em! yes, yes.. i do. and i love john wayne movies too! and i better not hear a peep about it! (you should have read my profile page!)

overall, it's been a nice and quiet holiday weekend. just a little bit of ruckus... you know, the holiday bbq's and parties. and that's fine, i love a good bbq/party (many of you know how much i love to entertain!). only, i got to wondering though. the whole point of this holiday is to remember, and honor those who serve. those who voluntarily place themselves in harms way. for us. americans. and america. all that we, and this country stands for. and all this country is about. good and not so great. home.

so, i got to wondering. with all that laughter i heard. the music. the dancing. eating. drinking. i wondered. how many of those folks have given any thought, true thought, about this 'holiday'. Memorial Day.

so much goodness. kindness. trust. respect. strength. courage. and honor.

yes, there's so much bad going on when it comes to our military - the pay, the conditions, the injured and lack of aftercare, it goes on really. and i'd really like to discuss that too, but i'm not. not in ths post. this post is all about how much i love them. yes. i do. i love them.

i think about all that they must sacrafice. endure. and willingly. it fills me with such admiration. such pride. respect. awe. and love.

they are the best of america. and i honor them.

be well :)

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Lovebabz said...

I had the same thoughts about Memorial Day too. Having lost a family member in Vietnam and a close Cousin who is serving in the army now. He is not in Iraq, but stationed in England. He was due to retire and re-upped. But now I think this next go round he is retiring.

Yes I was always intrigued by folks who volunteerd to serve. Although I am not sure volunteered is the right word these days. I mean with the "No Child Left Behind" nightmare---that acts as a draft of sorts.

I love your optimism and focus!

Happy Memorial Day!