Saturday, May 10, 2008

picture catch up!

it's been a quiet week really. i've had, hopefully, the last round of mri's, pet and cat scans for now. that, along with my accupuncture, were the only things i did this week. still no word yet on when i'll start chemo again. yay!! more time!!

ladybug, juan, and my mom are out at ladybug's track meet today, so i'm having a wonderfully quiet day at home. yes!! i'm gonna go finish making my mom's day cards. if i can ever get off all the beautiful cardmaking sites!! that's my problem.... i get up nice and early and say "ok, i'm gonna do all these cards and scrapbook pages, but i'm gonna just take a quick peek at so and so's site to get some ideas...". next thing you know, it's dinner time!!

anyway, here are some pics i've been meaning to post. i don't know how to caption them yet, so i don't know what order they'll post... so, the one with ladybug and juan all dressed up is at the father daughter dance in february; the one of ladybut and i are at the class valentines day party; then that's one of lb heading off to school one day; and of my first 'baby'.. my 180lb lap dog!! he's such a sweetie!! ; then of lb and her daddy taking a nap. enjoy!!
be well :)


Lovebabz said...


Ohh the photos look beautiful! Ladybug LOOKS just like my favorite Husband Juan! Oh and Juan is a cutie PIE! You and your daughter look so beautiful!

Enjoy the day!

CapCity said...

HUGZ & Happy Mother's Day, Princess! Wonderful photos & ummph that FOINE man of yours - no wonder u luv making luv! ;-)