Friday, May 2, 2008

a special day and i did it again

like i said in my last post, this is a special week. and today is the birthday of the second (no pun intended! you know what i mean you know who!) special person. so i give a special bday shout out to my sister and friend. i love you!!

and i did it again! all week and no posts since monday. uuhhgg. i have no excuse. i have a confession to make, which i think i've made here before.... i'm addicted to surfing scrapbooking/cardmaking blogs! i mean seriously! i tell myself that i'm gonna log on, check just a few blogs, just to get a few ideas, and bam!! next thing i know, it's 3pm and time for ladybug to come home from school... no projects completed, let alone started! i have such guilt about it too! well, at least i've got a few projects done - a couple of bday cards, an actual 'set' of cards as a gift, and some party favors a nieghbor is paying me for.

oh well.

no new's on my chemotherapy schedule yet. i have to get my mri and cat scan done first, which are scheduled for wednesday. looks like it'll be te second week of may, after mom's day. so i've got a about a week to get a few other scrapping projects done.

oh well... off to post a poem and then work on some cards.

be well :)


Lovebabz said...

Thank YOU for the birthday poem!

I LOVE you!


Princess TinyButt said...

you are more than welcomed! i love you back :)