Monday, April 28, 2008

this is a good week

two women whom have become very important and special to me are celebrating their birthdays this week. i am so happy for them, but secretly, selfishly, just a little bummed for me. why? because i can't see them, celebrate with them. well, in the way that i want to. yep, selfish.

it's just that i love them. i want to look into their eyes, touch them, their face, hug them. sit in their presence and let them know, in their presence, just how much they mean to me. how, in such a short time, they've touched me, bleseed my life really. i want them to know how much they've made me think, see things in different and better ways, laugh. ohh the laughter they've given me.

most importantly, they've given me some of themselves. and i feel that it's because they care and love me. ahhh, here come the tears.

so you see, i want to at least try to give back to them at least a little bit of what they've given me.

tomorrow is glo's birthday, and friday is babz day. i love you two!!

be well :)


Anonymous said...

Awww... I love you to Ang. I thank Her for that day we started chatting at Michael's. It was a wonderful gift. I'm so bummed out that I have to leave before we can get together, but LadyBug will get a great postcard from Alaska!

Shannon said...

All of us who are lucky enough to have you in our lives feel everything that you give every day with each visit/talk/email/text -- we love you as you love us and are equally thankful ;o)

Lovebabz said...

Hey Princess,
Not to worry, I am bringing the party out to you! I am celebrating ALL YEAR! LOL!


Princess TinyButt said...

wow you guys!! (sniffle, sniffle, lol!) this was meant to be a tribute to you all!

and my dearest shannon, there are NO words to express, explain, just how much i love you, respect you, cherish you, and how thankful, blessed really, to have you in my life.