Saturday, April 26, 2008

health related this and that...

has it been a week since i've posted last? and what a week it's been. the back and the forth. all the follow up tests, in addition to my regular stuff (accupuncture, physical, occupational, speach therapy, plus an emergency dental appointment thrown in the mix). i always say i'm tired, or exhausted. but i really am. all i've been able to do when i'd get home was/is crawl up in the corner of my big comfy blue sofa with my heating pad and just close my eyes. the phone rang. the cell vibrated. ups/fedex knocked. the laptop just stared.

after my quarterly medical workup, i had to have a bunch of follow up tests like i said, and am still not finished - one more mri and a cat scan for good measure. during the workup, they've found some "unusual activity" in a few of my bones. hmmm, a few new lesions on the brain. a bit more scaring in the lungs. bottom line.... more chemotherapy. probably starting next week.

but no time for all that shit. the sun is out and it is just a glorious day!! really. blue water, the kind of northern california day that only us natives understand and know how to appreciate. na, na, na!!

my dad is on his way to pick up my ladybug and spend the day out on the bay... a ferry ride to the city. that means some quality time with hubby (ie... good lovin!) ha, ha, ha!! i'm going to go enjoy this magnificent day!

be well!


Lovebabz said...

You have the right attitude! Do not lose site of the big picture. Live the life you want to live...NOW! You are amazing. It was so good talking to you the other day. You have got to be the busiest person on the planet, you and Torrance in Atlanta. Gosh, you are my SHERO!

Keep the faith and follow directions!

I am cheering for you!


CapCity said...

I think you're tired from all that good luvin'! Don't try to fool us! LOL!

Sending cyber hugz from the wet, dreary, cold & VERY jealous east coast;-)...when y'all gonna send Summer & sunshine our way?

Princess TinyButt said...

i love you two! yes cap, you may be right! lol!!

well babz, i know no other way to live my love! i can't help it, thank god!!