Sunday, April 6, 2008

my life is so good!

i love my life!! it's a wonderful thing. my life. the sun is shinning, the bills are paid (this month, lol!!), just had a magnificant round of good loving with dearest hubby (yes, i LOVE sex, but that's another post...), my house is clean. life is good!

however, right now i am feeling overwhelmed. i've been traveling a little bit, running behind ladybug and hubby, working, or doing work for other people really. i'm behind with a few work assignments because i've been busy helping other people. i'm feeling un-connected to my sister-touchstones and am in dire need of reaching out. i'm behind on my blogging. and, lastley, i wrapped up my quarterly battery of medical tests this week that i just hate, but love at the same time.

MRI. PET. CT. labs. port flush. platelets. t-cells. b-cells. lymphocites. hemocrit. white cells. red cells. ana antibodies. cerebrospinal fluid. nerupsychiatric activity. whew. i'm pooped!

yes. i am tired. but i love my life!! what if these all these tests didn't exist? or i didn't have access to them? god put the idea into a man's head (well, it's quite practical, so it was probably a woman) to come up with the "port-a-cath". it's a wonderful little device, or appliance as it's called, that's implanted in my chest so that i can have chemotherapy, and get my labs drawn without any discomfort. the crazy thing is is that i can taste the medications and saline that's delivered through it! how wild is that?! god and the human body is just amazing!!

so like i was saying... i am feeling very blessed. in every way. very. god and prayer has kept me. us. as a family. we are so very strong. it feels so very good. i don't give a damn what those tests say. yes. my life. it is wonderful. it is.

be well :)

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CapCity said...

i'm SO jealous! Good sex ....SIGH.... one day I too will return to the GREAATTTTT SEX Hall of Fame! Enjoy Li'l mama;-)