Monday, April 14, 2008

princess inky fingers... and yes, i'm just fine!

well, i've been so busy making cards and scrapbooking, and getting good at it too, that i'm starting to think that it may be time to start a blog dedicated to my cardmaking and scrapping. i don't know. maybe not. maybe i'll just keep doing what i'm doing by posting my stuff, along with what i cook (which i haven't done in a while), here on this blog.

but i came up with a great name though.... PRINCESS INKIE FINGERS huh? huh? you like, don't you?!? i know. i like it too. i'll think about it. anyway, here's some of what i've been up to. i've got to get busy too because my cousin has me doing her baby shower invitations, and i'm doing a friends wedding announcements.... that's MAJOR because not only is she paying me, but she's paying me a little more than what she'd agreed to pay her 'stationer' (and, not to be krass but, it's alot) because they're individually handcrafted. hmmm.... that got me to thinking. maybe i'll start trying to actually 'sell' my stuff! even my mom ordered a dozen note cards. i guess i should get one of those "hand made by..." stamps.
be well :)
p.s..... also, about my last post. ok, already. i am ok. i really just needed to vent. that's all. really. and i thank all of you for 'calling me on my bullshit whining'. i love you.


Lovebabz said...

OK, I am oficially putting in my order right now. I WANT THOSE CARDS! Email me a price and I will send a check. No buts and don't even think about sending them to me for free...I will send you a check...even better a money order cause you won't dare tear that up!

Make some dog cards for Torrance! He is opening a dog boutique and I bet they would be a hit!

Love you!

Princess TinyButt said...

hey babz!! i missed this comment, sorry! you are so sweet! i don't know about "charging" you. and i see that you know me way too well now - a money order? babz!? roflol!! you are too funny.

awe, yes, i will make some cards for torrance as a store-warming gift. i'll send them to you and then you can get them to him. i start on them probably sunday.

be well my love :)