Sunday, June 1, 2008

must... cook... soon..

ok, i don't know how long it's been since i've cooked!! i've been in the kitchen for sure.... my favorite oatmeal and raisin cookies from wholefoods. those frozen taquitos i like from the grocery store. i've run a few loads of dishes. several boxes of ritz crackers (i have a serious problem with them that i will discuss at a later time). swept. swiffered. mopped. wiped down the countertops countless times (do not get black granite countertops!!)

but cook? nope. and i am feeling it in a major way. my all clads are calling. the knives quietly whisper. the cuisinart stares longingly. the stove. oh my stove... it's quite possible that they all won't speak to me when i return due to neglect and subjecting them to juan (i know babz, i can't say anything bad about him, so... don't read this part!).

i've got to cook soon or i'm gonna go crazy!!

so here's the plan... i'm going to call my 'lil sis shan and bribe her with gas money (hell, it's about $4.20 or so in these parts!) and a hot cooked meal to take me to whole foods or trader joe's to pick up some much needed groceries.

must digress for a moment..... so babz, stop reading now.... as you all know, i'm very limited with my driving, and well, really shouldn't be driving at all, therefore juan has been doing all the food shopping. and you know what that means.... just the very basics - bread, juice, pasta, and lots of canned goods, along with lots of little debbies, gatoraide, cookies, chocolate covered raisins and other what nots. don't get me wrong, juan really does a fantastic job, most of the time. but he's a man. and like i've said in my previous post, i want to do the grocery shopping. i like to do the grocery shopping.

you can start reading again babz...

i'm gonna pic a few good dishes for the upcoming week, make a fabulous grocery list, come home and cook my heart out!! let's see... a stuffed roasted pork loin with cabbage and apples and maybe some confetti rice. then maybe some salmon with lemon, caper and garlic sauce with augratin potatoes and asparagus. how about stuffed pasta shells with ground turkey and cheeses in a garlic cream sauce with a litlle bit of red wine red sauce too. hmmm a good 'ole fashioned herb roasted chicken or beef roast with creamy mashed yukon gold mashed potatoes and some spinach may do the trick too.

i've got to do this before i start chemo next week. i'll keep you posted!

be well :)


Shannon said...

just say when!

Princess Tinybutt said...

hey shan! thanks :)

Anonymous said...

You can call me any time too! I would love to take you to WF or TJ. Can't WAIT for TJ's to open up in Pinole! Hurry!

Lovebabz said...

Nope I didn't read the parts about favorite husband...who took you to Paris!

OK, I am glad you are feeling the cook vibe again. I am happy when you are cooking and I would be happier if I was eating!

I turn around and you got 50 posts up! Well Ia m glad you are blogging. Now make sur eyou take photos of all the meals!

Love YOU!