Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"This Is Our Moment"

i am sitting here, in my big comy blue sofa, in tears. good tears. celebratory tears. because it's official. Barack Obama now has more than the minimum required delegates to be considered, declared, the democratic presidential nominee. this is heady stuff. it's historical stuff.

as i've said time and time again, i'm not eloquent. i'm not a writer. so my words will fall short of truly, accurately, meaningfully describing what this moment means to me. what this moment may mean to many.

right now, i am thinking of my great aunt jean in pensacola, florida who, at 74 years old, has seen quite a bit in her life - in house telephones and bathrooms; affordable personal automobiles; the civil rights movement; regular space travel; the feminist movement; the (seemingly) blurring of the color line; the internet age; cell phones. yes, quite a bit. **more tears**

she is now baring witness to history once again. she has lived her life, like so many, believing, knowing that it was not a possiblity for a man like Barack Obama to have an opportunity to become the President of the United States of America. how sweet this moment must be for her. i grew up knowing that it is possible for someone like Barack Obama, or like my father, or, even, a woman like me, to have the chance to become President of these United States. how sweet this moment is for me. for my little brother. my parents. my 6 year old daughter. for so many.

*** it is now the day after - june 4th***

i am baring witness to history as well now too. it's different now. the sun is brighter. the trees are greener. music is sweeter. my smile is bigger. my comfy blue sofa is bluer and softer. it's different now. i'm high. high on hope.

be well... be hopeful :)

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glo429 said...

We are all humans, skin color should never ever have made a difference. Now attitude, THAT'S the big difference-maker!!!