Sunday, June 29, 2008

track star here!

hey, checking in. sorry i've been away for a week. alot has happened, but then, it's been nothing but the same. i wound up in the hospital last week and escaped friday, just in time for ladybugs last championship meet.
this girl just loves to run. it's all she wants to do, really! so these pics are of her chillin' before one of the races, then of juan and i getting her cleets on; then me and my cousin sonia; lauren camille and team warming up - notice that she's the smallest one. i am so frustrated right now because i can't seem to figure out how to caption and line up my pics...STILL! uhg! i'll post pics of her medals later, i'm just too frustrated.

i don't know if you all out there in blogland are aware of all the fires out here in northern california, but... there are lot's of fires burning around us here, and the air was just awful yesterday. my lungs were burning yesterday at the track, and cheering for ladybug didn't help. i feel so awful for those who are loosing everything in these fires. can you imagine having just, and literally seconds, to grab something... anything, before the fire comes? what would you grab? and where would you go? i think about this often. especially now when i can see, smell, and taste the smoke. i am a photobug and have thousands of pictures. really. thousands. plus all of juans computer equipment. not only is this area one big fire zone, but it's also one big earthquake zone as well. i was here for our recent 'big one' in '89, and remember the oakland hills firestorm which scorched my grandparents nieghborhood. not fun these memories are my friends.

but i'm as prepared as i feel i can be. i have 3 day/3 person emergency packs for the cars. i have a compact yet very complete er kit for the house too. and i can't forget the 'grab bag' filled with clothes, toiletries, and cash for several days. so that means i should sleep comfortably now, right?

well, on the bright side... i am feeling better and my ladybug did fantastic at the sub-bantam usa pacific (?) championships yesterday (saturday)!!! i can barely stand it! she took second in the 200m, first in the 100, and 5th in the team 4x100m relay running the third leg. they wouldn't have come in 5th if it were'nt for her. it was a family affair too! my mom and dad were there, juan's mom flew out from atlanta just for the meet, and my cousin/sister sonia and her twins, and my dad brought one of my nephew's too. oh it was just wonderful, so i won't bore you with the drama my mother is fond of creating on this post.


be well :)


Lovebabz said...

OOh I LOVE seeing girls excell!

She is strong that girl!

I am glad you got to go! You all look lovely...everyone with their shade chairs! LOL!

I am sad baout those fires...shit! I am glad you are prepared. I have no idea what I would take besides my kids. I have photos of course and artwork that I collected over the years and books...but really all those things can be replaced right?

I will hold you and your family in my continued prayers.

I can't wait for the photos of the awards and medals! CCOL!

Lovebabz said...

Hey I love the playlist!

Very ecclectic taste in music! (smile)

Princess Tinybutt said...

good morning sis, thx. stay tuned... :)

Princess Tinybutt said...

yeah, about the fires, i'm a book worm too, and have way too many that i treasure. i just try not to think about it. ok, now i really HAVE to go to bed. i'll check in with u later.

.... night, night :)