Saturday, June 7, 2008

day two... still smiling

i forgot i took this pic myself on my phone. day two was rougher, but i was still smiling because of all of your good thoughts, wishes, prayers. love.

be well :)


Lovebabz said...

Ahhh you look too danmned good in these photos!

I mean shoot...only thing missing is a little lip gloss! Tell Juan to sneak you some in the next time! I say a little gloss goes a long way!

Princess Tinybutt said...

you are so right! i'll make sure i pack it for next two rounds :)

Anonymous said...

You're amazing. What a bright spirit you have. Keep smiling and know that we're all thinking about you and praying for your speedy recovery. You are always a bright spot in my stamping visits.
Love to yuo

Shai said...

Hello Brave One,

You look good. I would feel so funny taking pics while in the hospital. You are brave. I pray you have a good recovery.

CapCity said...

HEY SWEET Princess! I just LITERALLY got home from da ATL (hot az HAYL;-) & I had to check in on my fave Li'l Mama! U KNOW i was prayin' for ya even if i wasn't able to check in for the last few dayz.

We had a FABULOUS turn-out at our THIRD BDelight book celebration! We may have to rally our funds to have an Oakland celebration so we can meet & hug U! U know any book clubs who wanna help sponsor us? ;-)

Hugz 2 ya!

Princess Tinybutt said...

HI ELLEN!!! thanks so much for stopping by! how are you? how's the store? and hubby? has he had any kasper's lately? i really appreciate your (and sharon's) kindness, thoughtfullness, and prayers. they keep me up and i draw on them when my well run's short. thank you ellen.

hey shai! thanks for that. brave, no. just living.

CAP! i'd be jealous if i didn't love u so much! u blessed girl u! oh yes, i'll do what i can to get u out this way. let's chat about it once i'm out of my chemo funk.

smooches to you all!

Shai said...

You are brave to share your experience. You are brave enduring all to live.

Brave means showing courage and courage means mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.

Yes, you are brave.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

great smile at that and u are being blog rolled so i can track your bravery

Rich said...

More love, more prayers, more support, coming right up.

Oh, hi, I'm Rich, since the rest of my family is here I felt it was high time I came by and introduced myself.

LOVE the fight in you, stay strong, stay faithful, let God use you in a mighty way.