Saturday, June 21, 2008

checking in part 2

hey there!

i hope all is well with you and yours. i've had a busy week. it was ladybugs second week of summer vacation, and she began tutoring with her first grade teachers assistant, whom she loves, and swiming lessons at the Y. she loves that too. anything that has to do with the water really. she loves taking bathes.

anyway, on monday, just after her tutor arrived, i go so sick that i had to be rushed to the emergency room by my mom. thank god for my nieghbor. he was right there with me on the floor, flushing the toilet, keeping the towel wet. oh god i was sick. and worried because my baby was upstairs with her tutor. juan couldn't get back home in time, and my mom had just left her house, so she came back and got me. he carried me out to the car. it we pretty dramatic. i just kept thinking of ladybug. i was praying she couldn't/didn't hear all the commotion going on. and of mom. how much of a narcissist was she going to be on this trip, and if i'd have to cuss her out.

so they released me much later that day, and yes, mom was still mom. i got to feeling better later in the week and went off on my all my pre chemo tests and stuff. i had quite a bit to do it felt, for it to be a chemo week. too much really. yet i made it through. i even bought her a little miniature blow up swim pool too.

here are a few pic's of ladybug on her first day of swim lessons.

be well :)


CapCity said...

Glad U made it through, Sis! I can't help but chuckle & shake my head at u - being so concerned about ladybug hearing all the commotion. U need to write a book about BEING a REAL MOTHER! So many sadly put themselves first.

Princess Tinybutt said...

hey cap, i just love that girl and i can't imagine any mother figure not feeling similarly. don't get me wrong... there are times i want to put my cane around her neck too! lol!!


Lovebabz said...

Is there anything Ladybug can't do?! I mean swimming, running, being beautiful!


Princess Tinybutt said...