Monday, June 30, 2008

more than a neighbor

many of you know by now that i am absolutely crazy about stamping and scrapbooking, and have now created a seperate site just for my madness. well, through this new love of mine, i am discovering a wonderful group of friends that i am so thankful to have.

one of which is patty. this lady's creations are just amazing! if i could be one fourth as creative as she is then i'd be satisfied. outside of stamping, laughing and having fun, we share passion for some of the same things like photography, flowers, family, friends, and faith. hmpf. funny how that worked :) along with patty are my 'sisters' in ink, sharon and ellen, and we always have a blast when together. i thank them for their prayers.

here's a pretty card patty sent me when i started this last round of chemo. it's a picture of one of her beautiful flowers from her garden, which i'm currently coveting due to my own backyard garden fiasco, along with some wonderful 'reminders'.

thanks patty, sharon, ellen, and all my stamp family.

be well :)


Lovebabz said...

I love this stuff! I am so not talented inthat way. But I love it anyway! That rose card is breath-taking!

Princess Tinybutt said...

i know!! and that picture is one she took of the flowers in her backyard, and with (she says, wink, wink,) with a regular ole 'sureshot' camera. her stuff is amazing.


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

yep they are that from what u describe
u got support folk yep u do

Princess Tinybutt said...

hi torrance! yep, i do. thanks for stopping by all my t ;)