Thursday, June 5, 2008

what a send off

wow! i'm in tears as i type this, rushed because i am literally walking out the door as juan fusses to "let's go!"

thank you all so very, very much. you have no idea. i know that the power of prayer heals. it's why i'm still here. i am so very blessed! oh shucks!! more fussing from you know who...

i've got to go now. i just had to say thanks. i'll post again when i get home.

and to my sweet sweet love, the ulitmate warrior queen. babz. *tears* i love you!
*** he left me so i'm back....
that husband of mine, i tell you!! he was stomping around upstairs, while yelling "let's go!!". i was all ready (because that's how i am!) just typing this post. well, he see's that i'm on the computer and then declares " i thought you were down here waiting on me!" and of course didn't hear what i said about being ready. so then he says he'll just have to take lauren camille and come back and get me. honestly, i didn't say a word because he's stressed, and i don't want to make it any worse, and... i wanted to finishe this post!

i'll be back later!

with much love!!


Lovebabz said...

OK You know the rules about my favorite husband. You are getting dangerously close to crossing my line!

Just behave and no smacking anybody with your cane!

I will check on you later!

Love YOU!

MsKnowitAll said...

Hola Princess,

I was "sent" over here by Lovebabz and I must send you love, prayers and encouragement through this season of your life.

Peace and Blessings

Eb the Celeb said...

I got word of your situation threw love babz... i know you will come out of this in 2 fold... good luck with everything and you will stay in my prayers