Tuesday, October 7, 2008

hospital pics

hey all,

here are some pics from when i was in the hospital. juan spent almost every night with me (see his bed behind the chair?), and ladybug spent the weekends, fridays and saturdays. believe it or not, she loves it when i have to have chemo, or be in the hospital! she loves all the blood, needles, and medical paraphanalia like the gloves, masks, etc. plus the nurse make such a big fuss over her too. in the SNiF, which is different from where i normally am whenever i have to be hospitalized (oncology), they do alot of rehabing along with both acute/non acute medical care. so she would come after school and help me with my therapies, cheer me on.

we try hard to make it as normal, and routine as possible whenever i'm hospitalized. so she comes after school, does homework, we eat dinner, my dad many times gets dinner for me or all of us. and yeah, that dish there tasted as bad as it looked. then we hang out for a while, then juan takes her to my mom or dad, or they'll come get her, then juan stays the night. that's the routine when i'm locked up.

but i'm free now!!

be well :)


Lovebabz said...

You look beautiful! Lady bug is adorable as always!

I am just glad you are home!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u looking good, but not the food

Princess Tinybutt said...

thanks so much babz! yes, that girl is, but then i'm biased!

hey 't'! i see you've got a new pic....awwwe! yeah, the food.... not always the best. really, for hsopital food, it wasn't too bad.... still big yuck though.

CapCity said...

i'm so glad to see u looking beautiful & vibrant as evah, Sistah Princess. My condolences on the loss of your Malik, too.

Shai said...

I am SO glad you are doing fine. I started following your blog per Lovebabz. I almost cried when I heard what you had to go through with the replacement and other dramas you were facing. Yet, again here you are with a glow and a smile.

Hey, maybe you will have a Dr. Ladybug. LOL. My daughter wanted to be a doctor until she saw too much blood on a medicial show. LOL. Now she is in college for psychology.

I know it feels good to be home. Take care.

Princess Tinybutt said...

hey cap!! so good to *see* you!! i've missed you my love. yes, i'm doing much better, and coming along. trying so very hard to not be SO stubborn! thanks for malik. i miss him so.

hiya shai! thanks so much for keeping up with me, i really appreciate that and promise to post more often, i've just got to get through these next few weeks of rehabing. your warm thoughts and prayers really do keep me goin!

oh yes, i think we may very well have a "DR. LADYBUG" on our hands, lol! and she is so funny about it all too. she is my bright spot.

so look, no tears, unless you're crackin up over something ridiculous i've posted....ok?

be well:)