Tuesday, March 3, 2009

biking along and other stuff

in my now ocassionaly usual fashion, i had forgotten to post a few pics and the short stories that go along with them. so the first batch are of ladybug learning how to ride her new bike pop got her as a late christmas present. she got a bike at the wee age of 3 and has been refusing to learn how to ride ever since.
well, my pop was having none of that any longer. two saturdays ago, he came up after her track practice and so he could put a stop to the madness. no grandchild of his was not gonna know how to ride a bike. and that was that. juan and i followed them down the street to the local elementary school and dropped of the bike. we stayed for just a few minutes before pops shooed us off, so we headed home, less than 10 minutes away. well, just as we were pulling into the garage pops called. "come on back, she's ready to show off for you!". juan and i couldn't believe it.

sure enough, she was cycling along with all the confidence of lance armstrong when we pulled up. she had it! now all she wants to do is ride! all she talks about is riding!

now, about ladybugs hair. when i wash her hair i usually put the curls curly q products in her hair. i use the curly q custard, milkshake, and princess glaze on my childs crazy curly, crazy thick, and crazy beautiful hair. i let her rock her curls, twists often, but in ponytails mainly because that girls hair is so thick. ocassionaly i will flat iron it on special ocassionaly so she can wear her bangs. so, after i washed her hair this past saturday, i decided to blowdry it out instead just to 'see'. well HELLO!!!! i created a monster. she knew she was hot.

ok, so in my valentines day post i mentioned a secret admirer, sort of. i got a couple of bouquets of flowers that were just gorgeous. at first i just knew it was my daddy-that's so like him-nope. and we know it wasn't juan *smirk* i called a few more friends/business colleagues-nope. i couldn't figure out who were sending them to me. each day for 3 days, ending on vday. so, i
icalled the flower company to see if they'd clue me in-nope. but i didn't give up! finally a customer service rep slipped and i got to a manager who said they'd call the sender and see if they'd want to be revealed-nope. not completely. just that HE was someone from my past who still very much admirers me, that he ran into a mutual friend whom i'm very close with and that friend mentioned where i was and he found me from that. and..... i still don't know who he is. *sigh...*

be well :)


CapCity said...

I'm playing catch-up, too - so it's the perfect post for me to come to! HEYYY PRINCESS! As always coming by to see U warms my heart & in these frigid East Coast MARCH temps - U r just what the dr. ordered! Loving the beautiful photos of your GORGEOUS family (& flowers! I'm so jealous;-)! Keeping U in prayer as U go into surgery.

HUGGGZZZZ 2 U, please stay strong for ALL of Us who love U dearly - even if not nearly (proximity-wise:-).

Lovebabz said...

Go Lady BUG!

Your Dad is the BEST! Gosh, if my Dad was even 1/10...

Yes Gurl, you have created a NONSTER now! a ROCKSTAR! LOL...look at that hair...LOL!

OOOHHH the flowers are GORGEOUS! I am so unbelievably jealous! NO ONE is feeling anything like that at all for me...LOL! *SIGH* No FAIR...a FAB HUSBAND AND A FAB SECRET ADMIRER! LOL!

And I so love when you are on the show! It just feels like a Sister conversation.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

look a lil mama and u are in my prayers folk