Monday, August 2, 2010

chemo - round 2, day 1 & my garden

hey there,

i've gotten through day 1 of my second round of chemo this year. for me and my treatments, one round of chemo is actually 4 infusions lasting about 6 hours each, over a two week period. i go two days back to back with 2-3 drugs (depending), then wait two weeks, and do it exactly the same again. i have a 7-10 day quarantine after each infusions, so one round literally takes about a month out of my life.

the first drug they give me on day one really isn't so bad... as chemo's go, lol! they give me drugs to make me sleep - LOVE THAT! - and they monitor me every 15 minutes for the first 3 hours, then every 30 minutes for the rest. so really, no sleeping actually going on, just a drug induced stupor. but i always sleep really good when i get home...nice. i have a port in my chest so that they can literally 'plug' me up to all the I.V.'s, and they leave them attached over night. ladybug loves that. she loves everything that has to do with me going to and being in the hospital.... oh well, maybe i'll get a doctor or a nurse outta this?

no on to my garden.... (ala, the majority of my NaBloPoMo topic)

like a said, it's growing like gang busters so here's a few pics from the end of june - this is a month and a half growth! and i just had no idea how big the zucchini would get, lol! i had to chop it down, but don't worry, it's doing just fine. i hope you enjoy.

be well friends :)


Her Side said...

BEAUTIFUL garden! Oh how I want a garden - which my neighborhood and townhouse life just won't support.

And I have a terrible BROWN thumb anyway - the opposite of my mother's green thumb. I mean, I have actually killed more than one cactus after trying my hand with other types of houseplants. I just ain't got it. LOL

jaydee said...

Princess tinybutt.... LOVE your garden - what a wonderful restful place you have created. Love those fresh veggies, too.
Hugs and prayers for you

LadyLee said...

That garden is the bomb, girl. I had a small one, but it was too much work. But it brings peace to work in them, don't it?

And I really like that furniture. Wow!

I hope and pray that you get through this chemo and it works out for you. I really do.

Princess Tinybutt said...

@herside - brown thumb?!? oh no, i will not accept that. I am the original brown thumb, so if i can do it, then so can you! you have no idea how many cacti i've done in, lol!

@jaydee - thank u my dear, yes, it's very restful, i love it so much and wish everyone could have a space that makes them feel the way mine makes me.

@ladylee - glad you came back for more, and thanks about the furniture, yes, it's comfy too!