Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'M HOME!!!!!!!!!

ok, so truthfully? it just got too crazy at hotel le'summit, so hubby checked me out on saturday. YAAAAY!!!!!

all is well. i'm fine. super fine now that i'm home. i can rehab here. the visiting nurses association (VNA) will be checking up on me, getting my rehab schedule together - PT, OT, plus the nurse to check my labs.

oh, i'm sooo happy to be home!! i'm exhausted from being in the hospital and am looking forward to getting some rest, my blue sofa, and my dog malik! oh i've missed my big guy. i've been worried about him. i think he's getting close to being ready to go. ooooh, that was hard.

i've never really given a whole post to him, as important as he is to me. i don't know why. he's so good, brings me joy, know's me so well that it's scary. really. he's so not like a dog. but, i'm sure most doggie moms and dads feel teh same way. whatcha think all mi-t? :)

well, i talked about the little crisis i had with him hte day before the surgery, and i knew then that it may be time. he's 13 years old. an alaskan malamute. that breeds lifespan, according to my vet, who knows quite a bit about them, is anywhere from 5-7 years. they sometimes make it to 9. so, i have no complaints!

he's just such a great dog. who talks to me. yes, he's one of those dogs that thinks he can talk. lol! he's so funny! and cool. he doesn't get bothered by anything, or anyone. he rarely barks. just easy!!

well, i could go on and on about my big guy, i have so many malik stories, it's crazy. well, no, that makes sense.... 13 years!

i LOVE this dog. and i'm home.

be well :)

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Tiffany Fleming-Lynn said...

Hello! Beautiful Ive been sitting here catching up i have not had the net since this summer so I was curious and as always praying for you and your Family. Its been great catching up there wont be any tripple posts this time I finally figured out how to do them. Lady Bug is getting so big and she simply loves the doll house its truly beautiful to see a child excited and in love with playing.Enjoy being Home with your Loved ones.I'll continue to read. Miricles and Blessings Tiffany